State of the Blog: A Sea of Statistics

An unexciting post put up for reference. Now I won’t have to look up/recreate these links or numbers. Scroll down for top ten. [Previous State of The Blog links]

First post, December 22 [We begin. Again.]
Last post, December 31 [Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.]
10 posts in 2011

First post, Jan 1 [Gentlemen …]
#100 March 30 [Foto Friday: Exercises], noted the next day [Blogging Influences]
Missed Posts:
posted Dec 21 [Foto Friday: Goodbye & Hello] #366
skipped 7 days, included blog anniversary, 1 year
posted Dec 29 [Spotted in Boston]
Extra posts 0
Last post [End of the Month Commentary – By the Numbers]
359 posts in 2012 (=366+0-7), Total 369

First post, Jan 1 [Not So New Resolution]
#500 [Other People’s Horses], noted earlier [The Nature of Milestones: Nearing 500]
Missed Posts:
posted Aug 21 [Hiatus]
skipped 4 days
posted Aug 26 [Breaking Radio Silence]
skipped 2 days
posted Aug 29 [More 15 Minutes]
skipped 12 days
posted September 11 [I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera]
Extra posts 0
Blog anniversary, Dec 22, 2 years [Text Art: Holiday Stickers]
[2013 In Review] posted in 2014
Last post, Dec 31 [On the Seventh Day of Christmas: 7 Mags a-Payin’]
347 posts in 2013 (=365+0-18), Total 716

First post, Jan 1 [On the Eighth Day of Christmas: 8 Fences Jumping]
Missed Posts:
posted Aug 21 [Delay of Game]
skipped 3 days
posted Aug 25 [Meet Milton]
#1000, Oct 14 [I Made It!]
Extra post – 1 (so says calculations, need to find the post)
Blog anniversary, Dec 22, 3 years [Penguin Farm]
Looks like I skipped a recap for 2014
Last post, Dec 31 [On the 7th Day of Christmas: Seven Horses Showing]
363 posts in 2014 (=365+1-3), Total 1079

First post, Jan 1 [On the 8th Day of Christmas: Eight Resolutions]
Blog anniversary, Dec 22, 4 years [Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan]
Last post, Dec 31 [Looking Back at 2015]
Extra posts 0
365 posts in 2015 (=365+-0), Total 1444

First post, Jan 1 [Hello 2016!]
#1600 [10 Reasons To Wear A Helmet], noted elsewhere probably b/c I was updating around then [About] About redone since then.
#1700 [Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, Sept 2016]
Extra posts 0
Blog anniversary, Dec 22, 5 years [Five Years Ago Today]
Last post, Dec 31 [Looking Back, State of the Blog 2016] #1810
366 posts in 2016 (=366+-0), Total 1810

First post, Jan 1 [Letter Art: AlphaBooks 2017]
#2000, July 9, 2017 [Letter Art: MM]
Extra posts Aug 18 [Foto Friday: Delay], WordPress says another one on 3/12/17!? Could be, but I don’t usually remove extras.
#2126 [10 Tips To Help You #bloglikecrazy]
Blog anniversary, Dec 22, 6 years [Foto Friday: The Night The Animals Talked]. I get caught up in Christmas & forget about the anniversary.
Last post, Dec 31, scheduled [Letter Art: Changing the Year]
367 posts in 2017 (=365+2), Total 2177

Update 2018
First Post [Goals 2018. Not.]
Break March 16 [Getting Off the Struggle Bus], Total 2252
Interim April 30 [I am not back. This is not a post.]
Return May 26 [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]

#2331 [Equines of Edinburgh, Guest Post]
#2400 [So It Continues, Show Photos, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, October 2018]

Top Ten 2017 Posts
[Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble]
[Insights to Sight – Horses See Differently than Us, Guest Post]
[Show Report: NACHS 2017, Riding]
[Starting Points]
[I’d Like Your Advice on Some Horse Buying Advice]
[Show Report: AWWCC Driving Derby 2017]
[Saddle Seat Versus Dressage, In A Nutshell]
[Rodney’s Dressage Lesson]
[And We’re Back]
[Pondering the Hiatus]

If I count Top Ten 2017 Posts written in all years, [Fever Rings] 2013 comes in 3rd. I have no explanation for this.

Top Ten Posts
[Watching The Tevis] 2013
[Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble] 2017
[Fotography Friday: Texture] 2012
[Why I Ride by Katie Wood] 2015
[Fever Rings] 2013
[Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered] 2012
[Show Report: Mid-South Spring Premiere, Rainsville, AL] 2013
[What Happens at a Model Horse Show?] 2015
[Foto Friday: A Short Tribute to Amy Tryon] 2012
[The Naked Challenge] 2015

Top Ten stats are one year from yesterday. I don’t foresee great changes in the last 48 hours of 2017.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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