Getting off the blogging treadmill for a while.

I’m tired of writing for free. I’m tired of scavenging posts from scraps of progress. I’m tired of falling back on post ideas about other people’s horses. I’m tired.

Why now? Rodney was a twit, more so than usual. New camera arrived and has to be returned. Nothing serious or important. Death by a thousand hangnails.

I may get bored and come back. I may start riding Rodney and have something to talk about. I may walk away from the Internet completely and see if I can survive in the 3-D world for a while.

Goodbye for now. May you be blessed by the deity – or lack thereof – of your choice. Live long & prosper.

5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Sorry for the funk. I know the feeling though, so I can relate. I hope the cloud moves on and you feel the desire to return. If not, then best of everything to you and I will miss you greatly.

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