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Twice recently, I’ve threatened to take a break [Horses of NYC 2017, What’s Up]. Now, I’m doing it. I’m going to stop blogging for a while.

The previously mentioned reasoning still holds [Up]. I like where the blog is. What I lack is content. Usually by Friday, I have the weekend’s posts written and next week’s ideas drafted.

I have run out of things to say, or for today, things to photograph. Zero in the idea bank. Mental gas tank on empty. I realize this represents a failure of imagination on my part rather than a failure of the universe to supply material.

Yes, weekly/semi-weekly posts are an option, as are intermittent posts. However, I know myself. Without the solid daily deadline, potential posts would dissolve into a puddle of procrastination. Just ask my unwritten, Hugo-winning science fiction novel.

I may be done. I may be back in a week. Quod futurum incertum est. Qui Sait? Reply hazy, ask again later.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Driving Thursday

Been There, Done That competed with her combined helmet & driving hat at the 31st Annual ASAC Spring Classic Horse Show. The green hat, by Debbie Navelski of RodeApple Hats, is designed to fit snugly over a helmet. [Guest Post: It’s Let’s-Wear-A-Helmet Day!]

The judge had no problem with a helmet in pleasure driving, giving the pair the victory in the first class.

The driver wanted to be sure that I credited owner Reagan Upton, trainer Courtney Huguley of Stepping Stone Farm, and of course, Rare Friends. Photo by Sandra Hall, used with permission.

For more helmet-hat action, Sandra Hall Photography > ASAC Spring Classic (once that icon is gone, Horse Show Proofs > 2018 ASAC Spring Classic 18) > Thursday Evening 1 to 26 > 23 Open Park Pleasure Driving & Friday Morning 27 to 44A >40 Open Park Pleasure Driving Stake.
Rare Friends elsewhere on RS, in his guise as an Academy horse.

[Show Report, Show Photo]
[Show Reports, Winter Tournament #1 & # 2, 2016/2017]
[Show Report, Winter Tournament #3, 2017]

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Katherine Walcott

Going Gold Again

Saddle Seat Wednesday


Medal for points gained at last year’s shows. ASHA Academy Awards Program

Once you work your way up to gold, you can earn a new gold each year. There is a second tier, the Academy Master Medal Awards Program, “which encourages participation in promotion, education, and continued involvement with the American Saddlebred.” ASHA Youth Awards

I’ll leave speeches and club activities to the kids. I already have enough issues with competing in a beginner/youth division. Yes, I ride in adult classes. No, there are no up&out rules or time limits. Still, I’d rather be swimming with the big fish. That’s not happening at the moment. As I’ve said before, I am stuck in Academy limbo; at least I have Academy limbo to be stuck in. [Show Report]

Excuse me, what I meant to say was ‘How nice of them to send me an award.’

[I Get Gold]
[Loving The Loot], My Academy Award

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Katherine Walcott

Milton & his leg are doing great. The wound is dry, clean, and shrinking rapidly.

Surgery was 4 & 1/2 weeks ago on Friday 2/9. The first medical post was on Tuesday 2/13 [Update]. After that, the stitches gradually lost hold. This was not desirable, but not unexpected. On Friday morning 2/16, Milton had mild colic symptoms, most likely brought on by 8 days of stall rest. Vet did not seem surprised to hear from us. A shot of Banamine, wait for the poop, and Milton was good to go. Since then, it has been smooth sailing.

Milton has been back to work for the last three weekends (out of five since the surgery) and the last two weeks (out of four) [What’s Up With Milton]. I use the term “work” advisedly. On weekends, he gives the old lady pony rides or pulls the light cart for a few minutes. During the week, we go for walks. Leg/injury is unaffected by work. It’s more a matter of Milton being out of shape from having had surgery & time off.

Question. I have been taking daily photos to record progress, starting with the day of the surgery. Would you be interested in seeing the series? Don’t worry, I would tuck them behind a link. I wouldn’t spring that much gore on you without warning. Medically interesting or TMI?

Not too shocking, I hope. After what we’ve seen over the month, this looks great to us.


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Katherine Walcott

A Tale of Two Tums

We are stuffing Rodney with ranitidine and Maalox-equivalents (cheaper). We tried stopping. Not so much luck. He’s back on, at least for the duration of the cold snap. [What’s Up]

We are stuffing me with Zantac and Maalox (I prefer the taste). Zantac has joined hot showers and Tylenol in my arsenal of a mood lifters. [Pre-Show: A Change in Attitude]

Horse and rider on the same meds. Perhaps it is something in the air.
If I may whine, for a moment. I held a grumpfest last weekend. Exactly a year ago, I stayed home from a show that offered seven, that’s 7!, classes in order to be ready for Rodney’s first dressage lesson [Lesson]. Not only did that not pan out [Dubious Future], the aborted attempt appears to have taken my saddle seat along with it [I Do It All, But Not as Well As Milton Does]. I know, I know, I’m lucky and my life is wonderful. I’m hitting myself with the gratitude stick [A Look Inside My Head]. Frustration is still frustration.

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Katherine Walcott


Winning Colors
Elizabeth Moon
Baen 1995
“… the frontier world of Xavier (which specializes in horses).” Wiki

Genre: Science Fiction
Old Favorite
Did I reread it? No. Stopped halfway. Perfectly decent book. More military/political machinations than I was in the mood for during Milton’s rehab.
Horse Factor: Read enough to remember that horses are an amusing but minor plot element. How long would you continue to compete if you could live forever?

Moon On RS
Fantasy & Science Fiction Cover Art

Process Notes: Bézier curves. I alternated between being amazed at Inkscape and wanting to heave my computer against the wall.
Past Letters

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2018 Alphabet

[Z is for Zigby]
[Y is for Yoors]
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[Looking for Letters 2018]

This year, I’m using names of horses (& one planet) in books as well as authors of books. Otherwise, I’ll run out of letters. I’ve already had to with Z, both this year & last. Which books would you choose?

Why reverse alphabetical? Why not? [2015 Alphabet On the ordering of the alphabet]

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Guardienergy – a portmanteau of guardian energy, the reason one is exhausted after spending the day sitting in the sunshine watching one’s post-surgical horse quietly grazing.

[Equine Neologisms]

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