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Note to Self, Other Horse

Hangry, Hangry Hippo
Upset tums don’t get fed. Milton was not happy about this.


Hey, see that brown lump in the field? That’s your other horse. Perfectly sound. Ready to ride, to the extent that you two ride these days. Did you forget?

You would think I could find 20 minutes to sit on Rodney. Alas, no. Ministering to Milton takes most of my time and all of my energy. Rodney is once again marginalized by a sick roommate [Shadow Horse].

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USPS: Lunar New Year Stamp Rings in 2018

Art director Ethel Kessler, Illustrator Kam Mak

Kessler’s stamp design also incorporates two elements from the previous series of Lunar New Year stamps: Clarence Lee’s intricate cut-paper design of a dog and the Chinese character for “dog,” drawn in grass-style calligraphy by Lau Bun.

Another weak entry. I had planned to be clever with dog breeds names (Rottweiler, Old English Sheepdog, Dachshund …). However, Milton had a mild colic Friday morning. There went the day, along with my creativity for the weekend.

Milton’s intake and output are back to status quo ante. Nothing like colic to make one obsess about poop. Since he’s still on stall rest, the humans are still jumpy.
I have become legit interested in stamps. I’ve joined the American Philatelic Society, plan to attend my first stamp show later this week, and would like to find/start a horse Specialist Society. What is the history of stamps? How are they designed? Made? As information junkie, I am amused by shiny new facts. If I focus on horse stamps, I can also get blog posts out of it.

Wanna join me? I can think of one of you who will (waves hi).

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Burchell’s Zebra

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A Bit of Doggerel

To celebrate The Year Of The Dog, a verse my father used to spout when I expressed a preference for cats over dogs. As far as I know, it was original to him. [Hello September photo & links]

A cat will stay with you while he is fed,
But a dog will stay with you until he is dead.
Allan Abbot Tuttle

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Foto Friday: Year of the Dog


For today’s post, I had intended to labor mightily in the vineyards of art to produce a stunning, compelling, virtuoso photograph that distilled the essence of canine.

Instead, you get a impromptu smartphone snap.

Holding a leadrope and reading a book while your horse grazes shouldn’t wear one out. But it does. At least, it does me.

Milton is doing great [Medical Update]. My work? The dishes? The blog? Not so much.

Happy Year of the Dog.

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Show Photo: ICDE 2017

Driving Thursday

(l to r) Katherine, Greg, Bliss WH
Photo by Journey Sports

Still no driving, therefore another belated photo from last year, the Indiana CDE [Show Report]. Part of a package bought by Coach Kate from Journey Sports, Terri Burton. I still haven’t ordered ours. Bad groom.

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ASHAA Awards for 2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday

American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama banquet for the 2017 competition year.

My Ribbons & Trophies

Champion WTC Adult Showmanship
Champion WTC Adult Equitation
Champion Academy Driving
High Point Adult Academy Rider

The high-point prize was a hand-painted glass of your horse, in this case Milton.

At first blush, it seems silly to have a separate Adult High Point when there is only one Adult Academy division. However, if the award included both adults & kids, an adult might show often enough to win it anyway, as I did the first year [Awards]. This takes a ribbon away from a kid. Not a fan [Quietude]. It would be even more likely now, with my points from driving. I’m happy to have it the way it is.

Close-up of high-point table: Amateur, Juvenile, Academy Child, Academy Adult, Trophies, State Awards, Barn Awards.

Trophy Theory
Last year, the ribbons were the same, but suit got better trophies. This year, same trophies; fancier ribbons. Either way, I agree. Suit should have better loot.

Ribbon Tables. Academy on the left, suit on the right, high-point in the middle.

Amusing the Masses
This year, each suit division winner was introduced with one or two factoids. I imagine it was a slog for the trainers write up, particularly for folks who won multiple divisions. For the audience, it was a great way to enliven a long list of names.

List of previous posts [Saddle Seat Banquets].

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Milton’s Medical Update

My life for the next two weeks, give or take.


Not much to report, which is excellent news.

Last Friday, Milton went in to have a large, fist-sized melanoma cut off the inside of his upper right hind leg. Equine melanomas are not the dire diagnosis that they are in humans. It’s a bump. It got cut off. It will come back. On veterinary advice, we waited as long as possible. When the leg around the bump swelled, the time had come to address the issue [God Laughs, Ups & Downs].

In my understanding, the big deal was the anesthesiology. We would have had the bump cut off years ago if it could have been done under local. Therefore, as soon as Milton stood back up Friday morning, the excitement was over.

We are left waiting for the wound on his leg to heal. As soon as the mass was cut off, the skin sproinged apart. Nine stitches were used on a few small blood vessels and to close the hole down as much as possible. The most likely worst case scenario is that the skin sutures give/come out and we have to wait for a larger hole to heal. The medical people involved are not worried.

I will continue to put out a daily update Tweet, on sidebar —>. They may get boring. Boring is good.

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