If Walls Could Talk, Thoughts from a Convention Hotel, Fiction Sketch

Oooh, new people arriving. Looks like I will be the backdrop for another convention this weekend. I can always tell whether people come for fun or for work. There is a different energy. More chatter, fewer sighs. More late night movies, fewer slide shows.

I like when the the science fiction and fantasy folks meet here. They fill my halls with creative costumes. I like when sports teams stay overnight. They run up and down my halls. Such energy.

Of course buildings are alive. Air handling? Respiration. Electricity? Nerve signals. Elevators? Peristalsis. Okay, maybe I’m reaching a bit on that one. Really, we are a lot like people. We are born. We die. In between, we stay busy.

We watch. We gather data. We talk. We talk to each other. A lot. I mean, what else are we going to do? It’s not like we can take up kayaking.

Well, there is a condo on the north corner. Polite enough, but doesn’t have much to say other rest of the buildings on the block. Smug pile of bricks. As if a few extra stories and permanent residents makes a building special. That type of building is kind of a one-note wonder. They only do that thing. Do not get a condo building started on the subject of sublet agreements and condo fees. They will go on foreeeeever about it.

I’m a hotel. Hotels are about variety. People here for one night and people who have worked here for years. Rooms for every purpose. Offices. Kitchens. Bedrooms. Shops. I’ve got it all. From a pool in my basement to a pagoda on my roof.

Some of the new skyscrapers are a combination. Hotel on these floors. Offices on those floors. Can one building be everything to everybody? Although, I’d quite like to have my own dedicated observation deck. I wouldn’t let the fame go to my head. Probably.

Did you know the Empire State Building has a PR policy? Seriously. Even residents need to get “prior written approval” for photography in certain public spaces. There’s a building that has gotten too big for its square footage. ESB: Requests for Media, Photo Shoots and Film Crews

But I digress.

I like hearing from the other buildings on my block. Mostly small restaurant and shops. They are quick thinkers. Lots of comings and goings. We have no wall contact, but you can’t share a sewage system and not learn something about a building. Plus, I have my own shops and a restaurant. I understand about early morning deliveries and grease disposal arrangements.

Gotta go. Concert in the big function room.

~~~ curtain ~~~

Scenic Travel, Guest Photo

Awareness of the outside world. Smithsonian: The Massive and Controversial Attempt to Preserve One of the World’s Most Iconic Islands, Stille, 2014.


Photo by Allan Tuttle
Mont Saint Michel
circa early 1970s(?)

In honor of my father, who would have turned 84 this week. Photography was one of his hobbies. This print and mat hung on the wall of his various accommodations over the years. [My Short Happy Modeling Career]


Scenic Dogs

Awareness of the outside world. JSTOR: New Evidence of the Earliest Domestic Dogs in the Americas, Perri et al., American Antiquity Vol. 84, No. 1 (January 2019), pp. 68-87 (20 pages), Cambridge University Press.


Jasmine, The Observer Effect

Me: Let me get a photo of you basking in the morning sun.
Jasmine: Breakfast! Breakfast!

Mouth is mid-woof, tail is mid-wag.

Rose, The Waiting Game

While the responsible member of the household was grocery shopping, Rose and I went on sniff patrol.


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Scenic Tevis, Enjoying the 80s, Virtual Tevis 2023

Awareness of the outside world. US Forest Service: Pando


Virtual Tevis Cup 2023
100 Miles in 100 Days
19 April to 30 July

Rodney – 10 miles this week, 89 miles total
Milton – 13 miles this week, 83 miles total
Tues 30 May to Mon 5 June

Mileage from handwalk, ride, longline, drive.

Looking Around

The scenery is not new. We’ve lived on this property a while now.

The scenery is not dramatic. We are walking in a pasture instead of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The scenery sure is pretty. Blue skies. Green trees.

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Fractal Square, Graphic Art

Art of the outside world. Smithsonian: Fractal Patterns in Nature and Art Are Aesthetically Pleasing and Stress-Reducing, Taylor, 2017.


Fun with fractals #2, Fractal Square. [Fractal Triangle #1]

Process notes. Inkscape. Six iterations. Started with inner square, moved out.

Is it fractal if the design does not repeat cleanly and eventually runs into itself?

First iteration (yellow, big) – open on four sides
Second & third iterations (green & blue) – open on three sides.
Fourth iteration (pink) – some touch the yellow square and therefore are only open on two sides
Fifth iteration (red) – many open on two sides, the rest on three sides
Sixth iteration (purple, tiny) – anywhere from zero to three sides

Hat tip again to Gement for introducing me to this rabbit hole.