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Eight Years today. Post #2829. First post [We begin. Again.].

Process Notes
Meg [Threads, Archive] introduced me to Bonnie Hunter’s blog, Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!, which led me to Kevin the Quilter. On the link, October…thus far…. , Kevin taught a class where they made quilts from blocks of color strips. Oooh pretty. How can I use that?

Bottom layer. Color strips from photo exercise [Blue At The Barn] made into blocks …

…. then “quilted.”

Top layer. Letter template. Got the idea from the post Kevin’s post Quilty Visits Part 1 where he shows making a block of color & then trimming. I didn’t trim. Laid template on top as a reverse mask. Color showed through. Same result.

VoilĂ . Quilt letters.

Note to self. Be really, really sure you are happy with an element before you cut & paste it 24 times.

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