And Yet More on Helmets

The new image on my sidebar was designed by Catherine Strachan, Freelance Designer:

“When my mother approached me about her Lake George [New York] Rotary Club’s public service message to raise helmet safety awareness, I was more than happy to help. My father was in a skiing accident a few years ago. If it wasn’t for the helmet he was wearing, he might have not survived. As a graduate from the State University of New York at Purchase College, which is known for its excellence in education of the arts, I wanted to create a striking but simple sticker for Lake George Rotary Club. This sticker is designed not only for ski helmets but to fit on any kind of sports equipment or vehicle. As a person that is involved in multiple sports, I still see too many people without helmets.”

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2 thoughts on “And Yet More on Helmets

  1. Oh, I like that. My husband finally broke down and bought a ski helmet, thank heavens. Why people resist these sorts of things is beyond me. I won’t ride, bike, ski, sled or ice skate without one (yes, I own *three* safety helmets).

  2. I really never can understand the arguments for not wearing a (properly fitted) helmet for skiing or riding.

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