Immersed in the Equine Idiom

Work: PM heat therapy.
Discussion: Two microwaved heating pads + sheepskin cover + wool blanket + warmish weather = happy horse. I have no idea why he doesn’t melt.

Ramblings for the Day: I can’t swim and count at the same time. In order to keep track of my laps for the Polar Challenge that I started on Jan 22, I have to translate swim strokes into gaits.

Start with a gentle hack on a loose rein – breaststroke, no goggles, head out of the water, ambling along.
After warming-up, I pick up the reins and walk – breaststroke, goggles on, head down.
Then trot – add in backstroke.
Then collected walk – back to breaststroke but with a concerted effort to be streamlined and swim fast.
End with more hacking.

This I can keep track of.

Have you ever used horse language to explain other parts of your life?

3 thoughts on “Immersed in the Equine Idiom

  1. I was surprised when I started hearing other people use the word “vet” as a verb and not just about animal husbandry! My 90 year old (non horsey) mother said last week that she needed my brother to “vet” the lawn service people before she hired them!

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