Be Careful What You Train

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     We have created a monster. Well, a mini-monster. Back in the normal days, Rodney was being introduced to a new arena [Travels] and to the idea of barrel racing [Not From Around These Parts]. We put cookies on top of each of theContinue reading “Be Careful What You Train”

Travels With Milton, Successfully Going Nowhere

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.   Milton took his first step towards being given freedom of the pasture when left alone. Rodney has had this privilege for a while. He has much less separation anxiety than Milton does. [Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star] For this adventure, Rodney was loaded up and driven around theContinue reading “Travels With Milton, Successfully Going Nowhere”

The Next Step In Rodney’s Trailering Education

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.     Stopping for groceries. Waiting the trailer is a useful skill. Once when we arrived at Stepping Stone Farm, we had to hold a few minutes before we could unload without causing consternation to a horse and rider in the ring next to where we parked. Fortunately,Continue reading “The Next Step In Rodney’s Trailering Education”

Why Rodney Will Never Be An Outstanding Obstacle Horse

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.   We figured out why Rodney doesn’t like to be touched on the side. Well, my genius in-house diagnostician figured it out. I agree with him. Years ago, long before he came to us, Rodney was gouged in the side by a doorlatch. The resulting scar is gnarly-looking,Continue reading “Why Rodney Will Never Be An Outstanding Obstacle Horse”