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Equine Neologism: Guardienergy

Guardienergy – a portmanteau of guardian energy, the reason one is exhausted after spending the day sitting in the sunshine watching one’s post-surgical horse quietly grazing.

[Equine Neologisms]

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Foto Friday: Snow Day Photo Essay

Not a lotta snow, but a lotta cold & ice.

Fighting over the hot water. (I brought more.)

Dog walks must occur.

This is where they were sunning, so this is where their snack was served. Spoiled? Not them.

Water in many forms.

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Katherine Walcott

The Adventure of the Missing Hay Pile

This is a hay pile.

This is not a hay pile.

Milton does not look for his hay. He waits for Rodney to find a pile and then pushes him off. This becomes a problem when Rodney can’t find the hay.

After breakfast, the horses eat their morning hay in the pasture. Lately, I have been putting the two piles high up on the hill to get the horses in the sun/keep them out of the mud. It has not been an easy transition.

First day: Rodney mills around the usual service area. I walk up to the pile and rattle it. Rodney comes over.

Second day: I decide that I wouldn’t show Rodney the hay pile. I want him to solve the problem for himself. I stand back. Rodney searches the breakfast area. Milton comes around the corner. He stands looking at Rodney, ‘Dude, you had one job …’

Rodney continues to mill, looking gormless and lost.

Milton gives up with palpable disgust, walks up the hill, spots a hay pile, starts eating.

Seeing that Milton has hay, Rodney walks as far as the first pile. Milton is not interested in sharing. Rodney circles Milton, looking longingly at the hay, occasionally lipping at stands of dead grass, ‘Why is there only one pile today? Gee, I wish there was another pile of hay for me to eat.’

I start playing hot/warm/cold with Rodney, trying to herd him up toward the second pile. He cuts around me to get back to Milton and the first pile. I consider the possibility of administering horse IQ tests. Milton continues to eat.

Finally, I push Rodney far enough up the hill. He sees the second pile. ‘Oh look, more hay.’

Third day: Rodney goes straight to the hay.

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Mud Bridge

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Two old jump poles crossing a chronically muddy patch in the pasture.

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Foto Friday: Snowrise

Sunrise Tree In Snow

[Sunrise Tree]

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Winter Tournament (S)No Report

Today was supposed to be a show report. We did not have a show. We had snow.

Before anyone busts on the South for not handling winter conditions, allow me one word: Ice. Places that get lots of snow are places that stay cold. Snow continues to be snow. When we have snow, the temperature bounces back and forth across the freeze line. Snow becomes water becomes ice. Snowmageddon [Snow, Montage, Ice, Letters] happened when the warm roads melted the snow and the arctic air refroze it. No one drives well on sheets of black ice. Sending everyone out onto the roads at the same time to pick up kids from school? Okay, that was a poor choice. But I digress.

No horse show; no horse show report.

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Katherine Walcott

Holiday: Rodney in Residence

What did Rodney do while Milton was gadding about the countryside [Milton on the Move]? He ate hay.

This is huge.

It’s huge because Rodney ate hay in the pasture, not in the stall. Until last weekend, we had been putting Rodney up while Milton was away. We didn’t want Rodney to spend the entire time galloping the fenceline screaming for his missing roommate.

After successive approximations and closely monitoring Rodney’s behavior, we took a deep breath and left Rodney out when we drove off with Milton. Rodney’s response? ‘Via con Dios. Don’t let the gate hit your butt on the way out.’ This means that when Milton goes to a multi-day show, we don’t have to bring Rodney (problematic) or keep him in a stall for days on end (un-ideal).

Rodney going to a show? Don’t wanna talk about it. Wanna bask in the victories we have.

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