Why the title?
Attributes of a Brush Box
A container for horse paraphernalia.
Non-horse-related objects can be found in them as well.
Odds & ends accumulate in the corners.
The contents are unique to the person using it.
[The Winding Path to My New Blog Title]

What’s with the two names?
For 6 years, the blog was titled Rodney’s Saga. Then I got frustrated, again, and left, again [Getting Off the Struggle Bus]. When I came back, I wanted a new title to take the focus off Rodney and his vast, glorious uselessness.

Changing the title was the work of seconds. Changing the url, i.e. rodneyssaga.com, is more complicated. Particularly as I want to maintain continuity. I need to figure it out, or hire someone to figure it out for me. It’s on my ToDo list. [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]

That ever-growing ToDo list
I need to update the rest of my About page, below, to reflect the blog redesign. Meanwhile, all the IRL info remains accurate.

June 8, 2018
The Writer
Hello. My Name Is

WEG 98 badge

I was a freelance writer who wrote, photographed, or edited for anyone I could talk into paying me. While my mainstay for 20+ years was equestrian journalism, I covered everything from Atrial Fibrillation to Zoos. I still do a bit of work, but my professional life quieted downed in 2008.

Because it is easy overlook mentioning the obvious, I am a white female, in my middle 50s, living in the Southeastern US.

The Horses
I have two Thoroughbreds, Rodney and Milton, who live in the backyard. They are pasture ornaments at the moment. Mainly. The goal is for both to become competition horses. Meanwhile, I have been showing American Saddlebreds in the Academy division with Stepping Stone Farm. [Cast of Critters]

Rodney’s origin story [The Horse Next Door] Horse Illustrated
Rodney 2010 to 2014 [Our Story So Far]
Milton arrives August 2014 [Mail Order Horse]
Milton 2014 to 2016 [Where The Time Went]
[Looking Back, Rodney 2016]
[Looking Back, Milton 2016]

The Support Staff

Greg & Wilco Doug Shiflet Photography Used with permission

Greg & Wilco
Doug Shiflet Photography
Used with permission

Greg. Husband. Farmhand. Mechanic. Medical Advisor. Vet tech. Groundperson. Jump crew. Fence repairman. Driver. All-around awesome individual.

Coach Courtney. Courtney Huguley, Stepping Stone Farm, Chelsea, AL. Saddle seat, Pleasure Driving. [Lessons From Nationals: The Value of a Coach]

Coach Kate. Kate Bushman, Whip Hand Farm, Franklin, TN. Combined Driving. [First CD Lesson]

The History
Rodney’s Saga is a daily blog is about my two horses, along with other horse-related activities in my life. The first post was December 22, 2011 [We begin. Again.]. June 4, 2016, was post #1600.

Expanded history. The blog began as a column, Back to Eventing, written for the USEA website. I wrote it for nine months before they changed their emphasis. I continued it on my own as Back to Riding. [Reposts]

As an experiment, I consolidated the monthly Back To Riding and weekly Facebook into the daily Rodney’s Saga for a year. Once the year was up, I kept going [Where Do We Go From Here?].

After that, the blog proceeded in snits and starts. I went away [Hiatus]. I came back [I’m Baaaaaack … With Camera]. I did well [Attitude Check]. I thought about stomping off again [Sine Die … Or Not]. I’ve pretty much been good to go since the 2014 Sine Die post. In 2016, I added self-improvement as a goal [Hello 2016!].

Props to Can I Have A Pony?: My Horsey Past for the idea of posting a link to the start. I love to read the first post of a blog. Making a direct link never occurred to me. That led to adding the rest of my blogging history posts, which I had cited in an email to a friend. Amazing how often thoughts that start as emails end up here. But I digress.

The Comments
I have closed after 30 days as a spam control measure. Please feel free to comment on a unrelated later post or email me, rodneyssaga@gmail.com. [Comment Policy]

12/31/17 – opened all comments as an experiment.

The Schedule
Unless I change my mind. Some schedule days are carved deeper into stone than others.

Monday. Rodney or Guest Post.

Tuesday. Milton.

Wednesday. Saddle Seat. Started as a specific day November 2015 [First post Whither Now? Saddle Seat Version: Blogging]

Thursday. Driving. Started Summer 2016. [First post National Horse Brass Society 2016]

Friday. Photography. The rest of the week is photos for content. This is photos for art. [First post Texture]

Saturday. Writing. Storage. Whatever doesn’t fit on another day. State of the Blog post on the last Saturday.

Sunday. Lettering. [First post lettering Brush Pen, first post alphabet A Is For Appaloosa, rationale for lettering This & That, rationale for alphabet A to Z 2015, title switch Definitions of Terms]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

(Page updated 5/15/17)

19 replies »

    • Hello David. A while back, I wrote a haiku (using a broad definition of the term) a day for about a month. Had its own little notebook & everything. Nothing done daily is easy.

  1. I admire anyone who can write daily. I tried to for my blog, at first, but then the weather started to get nice and being inside just isn’t where I want to be. When it gets hot, I’ll likely go back to every day or so. Maybe.
    Need to go look around more to catch up on the horse shopping saga. Horses are like men, the right one comes along when you least expect it. Good luck.

  2. I, too, have a ‘mostly equestrian’ page and I’m trying to write a post a day. It’s harder than I ever imagined it would be. Life just keeps getting in the way of intentions. Gaaaahhh!! What’s with that??

    • How long have you been at it? The first month was a piece of cake. I ran on enthusiasm. The second month was TOUGH. Then I got into the mindset of seeing everything as a blog post. Not sure I recommend that as a way of viewing the world, but it does make the posting easier. Do you post every day or generate several at a time & schedule them?

  3. I am looking for photos of my granddaughter (ava harris from rocking s farms) who rode in spring show at rainsville in the exceptional class. Please send me photographer’s info so i can order some pics.
    Rurh hedgepetg

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