Victory Is Ours! Show Report, Alabama Fun Show #3 2018, Heathermoor Farm, Hunt Seat

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ASHAA Fun Show
Heathermoor Farm
Moody AL, USA
Saturday, September 8, 2018

30a Academy Open Hunter Pleasure Walk and Trot, 1 of 2
31a Academy Open Hunter Equitation Walk and Trot, 1 of 2

Milton is not afraid of big trailers. He’s been shining us on [NEGA1, NEGA2, SSF]. At Full Circle [Show Report], he stood quietly eating hay while several medium-sized trailers pulled up next to him. At this show, we arrived early so that we could park our little two-horse out of everyone’s way. No one around. I’ll hop on & school in the the nice empty ring. Of course, as soon as we started to tack up, the big rigs arrived. Milton lost his freaking mind.

Yes, the rigs are bigger. Perhaps the environment at the saddle seat barns sends a different vibe than at the dressage show. I doubt it. I would put money on the premise that if Milton had been untacked & eating, he would not have flicked an ear when the rest of the trailers showed up.

Anyway. We eventually got the whirling dervish under control and I had a chance to school in the ring. We walked, giving the side-eye to the announcer’s tent at one end and a tire swing at the other. We even trotted. Still side-eying, but trotting.

First Class
Dilemma. In a hunter flat class, I would hold my stick in my right hand the entire time since that is what I would do on course. In a saddle seat class, one starts with the stick to the left (inside) and switches on the reverse. So, in a hunt seat class at a saddle seat show, do I switch or not? Which tradition applies?

Same with the hands. Hunt seat, down, with whip across the leg? Or saddle seat, up, with whip vertical along the horse’s shoulder?

Before the class, we held an impromptu competitors’ meeting and decided to swap whips. As for my hands, I wobbled between the two.

Since there were two of us, I got to do more trotting than I would have in a solo class.

Second Class
Me: Okay horse, this is an equitation class. That means I look nice while you get on with it.
Horse: Um, Boss. I’m not sure I’m ready to solo here. Boss? Hello?

At the end of the last class, Milton was still looking around more than I would have preferred for his fifth show. He never got over himself the way he did for the second test at the dressage show. He likes Full Circle? I have less interest in, therefore put less pressure on at, dressage shows? Who knows.

OTOH, we did trot longer and with more vim than at the previous two ASB hunt seat shows.

These shows have been great for schooling. Time to step it up. At this point that means the Stepping Stone Farm big ring for cantering & the round pen for jumping while we work on creating an enclosed space at home. Open spaces do not appear to be Milton’s friend. We’ll work on that as well.


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