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ASHAA Fun Show
Heathermoor Farm
Moody AL, USA
Saturday, September 8, 2018

I did not drive at this show. Riding only [Show Report]. Since Coach Courtney had a full load, she could not bring the cart. I had a choice: bring cart or bring Milton.

Pro Milton/Anti Driving
+ Working with Milton is my primary goal.

+ None of the regular driving horses were going. I had driven the available driving horse. Once. Briefly.

+ For year-end awards, I’d rather confirm Milton points than driving points. The rule is that one needs to show in three classes at two shows. I don’t know if that means three classes overall, which I have done, or three classes in each division, which I have now done for hunt seat but not for driving. I’ve been told that it is the former and that therefore I qualify in both. I’ll believe it when I hold the ribbons in my hot little paws.

Years ago, Previous Horse and I were in the running for a year-end award. My first year-end award! In jumpers no less! I eagerly checked the standings each time the list came out. I called the coordinator repeatedly to insure my points were counted correctly. Then, at the end of the year, the division disappeared from the list. ‘Oh, there weren’t enough shows,’ I was told, ‘We canceled the division.’ Poof went my fancy year-end award. I’ve been traumatized ever since.

Pro Driving/Anti Milton
+ Missing one day of work is not going to wreck Milton’s progress. He’s done this show twice. Does he really need to do it again? (As it turns out, yes, but we didn’t know that in advance.)

+ I don’t have many chances to drive. With the ASBs, I’d rather ride. If I have time for two lessons, I will opt for a drill in the round pen [Leg Lessons]. Driving lessons are an add-on. With Milton, prying the reins out of the driver’s hands is much like prying the nozzle away from a firefighter. In either case, good luck with that.

+ Driving with an ASB is closer to the spirit of the show than hunt seat with a Thoroughbred.

+ If I didn’t drive, no blog post for Thursday. Oh wait, I finagled around that one.

Bottom Line
Which would you have chosen?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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