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Show Photos: CAA 2017

Driving Thursday

Utility Vehicle Reinsmanship, Victory Pass

With Milton on injured reserve [God Laughs] and no saddle seat shows [Do It All], not much driving going on. Instead, here are some belatedly ordered photos from the CAA Carriage Festival last year [Show Report]. (You may notice that MY photos get ordered right away – the good ones at least – while Greg’s get ordered eventually.)

Greg drives Bliss WH. Double Jeopardy passenger is Coach Kate. Presentation Drive passenger is me. All photos by & purchased from Casey McBride.

Utility Vehicle Timed Obstacles

Double Jeopardy Single Horse

Presentation Pleasure Drive

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Milton Does It All


I am reversing my position [I know I wrote a post about this. Can’t find it. My search-fu is failing me]. I think sharing Milton will be a good thing rather than a thing that needs to be dealt with.

First, fitness. If Milton is to get in shape for a CDE, someone will have to condition him during the week. That would be me. Said conditioning will be more successful if I am aboard instead of trotting next to him.

Dressage lessons? I ride Saturday; Greg drives Sunday. Driven dressage is ridden dressage with a cart. No problems here.

Finally, Milton is the sort of horse who thinks he got it even when he don’t. After the third rendition of an exercise, I can see Milton start to phone it in. Physically, Milton needs to do it again. Mentally, his attention has wandered. Constantly changing up the approach will be a benefit rather than a distraction.

That’s the theory. For now.

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Show Report: Winter Tournament 2017-18 #2, Driving

Driving Thursday

Alabama Winter Tournament 2017-2018
Stepping Stone Farm
Chelsea, AL USA
Saturday, Dec 16, 2017
[Show Report]

26. Academy Driving with Whiskey – 1st of 2
Thank you to the Courtney Huguley for Whiskey

Back in November, Miss Courtney asked me to help her hitch a new horse. She took all the risk. I held the horse a little and then stood around with the metaphorical whiskbroom to pick up the pieces.

From the previous trainer, Miss Courtney had gotten conflicting reports on whether or not the horse, Whiskey, had been driven. Miss Courtney knew Whiskey’s original trainer and was pretty sure he was the type to drive his horses before teaching them to ride. Pretty sure. As she said, we all did a whole lot of praying in a short amount of time.

Whiskey was a star.

You could see him flipping through his mental files, trying to figure out where he’d done all this strange stuff before. The second time we hitched, Whiskey was all, “Yup. I remember this.” I took a turn that day. Third time, “I be a driving horse.” The fourth time Whiskey hitched, I drove without Miss Courtney warming him up and then Whiskey gave an intro driving lesson.

At the show, we took the precaution of hitching in the ring, given the chaos of horses coming in and out. Probably wasn’t needed. Whiskey was a total pro.

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Letter Art: Graphic Design for the Masses, the One-Horse Open Sleigh Stamp


When I was much younger, I remember going with my grandmother to the Post Office. She took time to examine all the available stamps before choosing ones she liked. I wondered, and probably said, ‘Why bother? They’re just stamps.’ These days I find myself doing the same thing, opting for a moment of beauty in a mundane task. Which leads me to wonder about the artists who create stamps. Millions see their work; no one knows their name.

“The late Howard E. Paine was the art director. Artist Steve McCracken of Winchester, VA, created original art for the project.” Postal Service to Dedicate Christmas Carols Forever Stamps

Howard E. Paine
If anyone has information/links for artist Steve McCracken, please let me know. Steve McCracken Illustration, per comment below.
A Short Course on First Day Covers from the American First Day Cover Society, proving that there is an organization for everything. Although, given the number of horse associations to which I pay dues each year, I cannot cast the smallest pebble,

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Hippity Hoppity

Fortunately this ended well.

During Greg’s most recent driving lesson at Stepping Stone Farm, we over-adjusted some of the straps, apparently. As soon as Milton moved off, he started bucking in harness. Not a sight one wants to see. Coach Courtney gave swift but calmly-voiced instructions. Greg handled it. In retrospect, it was a few bucks over a short distance. Milton recovered immediately. The rest of us took a while longer.

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Show Tweets: NACHS17, A Horse Show in 6 Tweets

National Academy Championship Horse Show 2017
Tennessee Miller Coliseum
Murfreesboro, TN USA
November 2-4, 2017
Show Report pending





This was not an inadvertent test of the Twitter effect [Pondering]. I was not in a bad mood. I just had nothing to say. I’d done it all before. I’d said it all before, down to the mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins: [2013] 86 Tweets, [2014] 80 Tweets, [2015] 60 Tweets, [2016] 83 Tweets.

Perhaps my Twitter storms arise from the excitement of being in a new place. Perhaps the fifth year of Indiana [93 Tweets] or Nashoba [48 Tweets] will be less Tweet-intensive as well.

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Show Photos: Alabama Charity 2017

Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show
[Show Report, Riding]
Terry Young Photography

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