Bold As Brass, National Horse Brass Society 2019, 2020

Driving     The National Horse Brass Society, UK. Leather martingales by Cox the Saddler. [It Beats A Membership Sticker, NHBS 2018] [National Horse Brass Society 2016] [NHBS] I don’t know of a parallel US association. Am I missing something? Thank you for reading, Katherine Walcott

Milton’s Holiday Rides

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     I talked about Rodney last week [Holiday Rides]. What of Milton? He’s been doing great. Groundwork Milton has become quite the long-line star. He’s doing enough work that he’s starting to put on weight somewhere other than his hay belly. There might beContinue reading “Milton’s Holiday Rides”

Transportation, The Downside of Driving II

Driving Thursday   A while back a friend expressed interest in CDE driving; they expressed concern about all the equipment. I wanted to be encouraging, but they were right. Harness. Carts. And the vehicles to move said equipment. After the show [Report], we brought home two of the three carts Stepping Stone Farm had takenContinue reading “Transportation, The Downside of Driving II”

Taking The Reins, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Driving

Adventures in Saddle Seat     Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show Morgan County Celebration Arena Priceville, AL, USA Saturday, October 12, 2019   100. Academy Driving — Any Age Driver, 2nd of 4 With Joe Somebody. Thank you to Emily Hillhouse. 104. Academy Showmanship WTC — Adult Amateur, 3rd of 4 105. Academy Equitation WTCContinue reading “Taking The Reins, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Driving”

Milton Does Demo Duty

Training Journal   Cahaba Pony Club hosted an, “Introduction to Driving Horses and Ponies” at El Gezira Riding Academy. Milton went to demonstrate ground-driving. While he is not cleared to hitch in public at the moment, we thought ground driving & long-lining would be a useful skill to show the pony clubbers. Area driver MeganContinue reading “Milton Does Demo Duty”