Rodney’s Recap, Heat, Liberty, and Hay, March 2020

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.   [Old Arena]   Heating Up A while back, Rodney reverted. He’d been trotted well. Suddenly, I had Mr. Hyde again [Rodney’s Evil Twin]. I asked for a simple, quiet trot; he threatened a hissy fit. I thought we had fixed this. Turns out his back had graduallyContinue reading “Rodney’s Recap, Heat, Liberty, and Hay, March 2020”

Milton’s Holiday Rides

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     I talked about Rodney last week [Holiday Rides]. What of Milton? He’s been doing great. Groundwork Milton has become quite the long-line star. He’s doing enough work that he’s starting to put on weight somewhere other than his hay belly. There might beContinue reading “Milton’s Holiday Rides”

Milton Does Demo Duty

Training Journal   Cahaba Pony Club hosted an, “Introduction to Driving Horses and Ponies” at El Gezira Riding Academy. Milton went to demonstrate ground-driving. While he is not cleared to hitch in public at the moment, we thought ground driving & long-lining would be a useful skill to show the pony clubbers. Area driver MeganContinue reading “Milton Does Demo Duty”

How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology

Training Journal     When long-lining or riding, we use a phone app that buzzes every X minutes for a total of Y minutes. This way we know approximately how long we’ve been working without constantly consulting our phones. We make sure not to change gaits/activity exactly when the buzzer goes off, particularly not toContinue reading “How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology”