How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology

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When long-lining or riding, we use a phone app that buzzes every X minutes for a total of Y minutes. This way we know approximately how long we’ve been working without constantly consulting our phones.

We make sure not to change gaits/activity exactly when the buzzer goes off, particularly not to stop at the final buzzer. Don’t want the horses to learn that buzz equals quitting time. They learn sh*t like that way too fast anyway.

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4 thoughts on “How Long Has It Been? Helpful Technology

  1. re vibrate. Rider doesn’t have a way to carry. Long-liner finds that carrying phone in his pocket while app is running causes random button pushing and eventual turning off.

    re phone. Be warned. They are catchy. Once you start, if you start, you will be assimilated.

    re associations. Rode a horse who would response to the ringmaster talking into his radio rather than wait for the announcer over the loudspeaker. ‘No Willy, not canter yet.’ ‘But the man said canter. I heard him.’

    On a related note, why are ringmasters always men? Has anyone see a female ring master? Ring Mistress? Lady judges, sure. Lady in top hat & funny leggings, no.

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