Style and Grace and Hay Bales

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. “We live in a world where girls and women are FINED for trying to cover up while playing sports, but also EXPELLED from schools if their shoulders are showing. Again, I dare you to ask why we’re angry.” @ida_skibenes, Twitter~~~ At most of the places we buy hay, someContinue reading “Style and Grace and Hay Bales”

Vicarious Travel, Gutenberg Bible at the NYPL

Words Images Images of Words On the last Saturday of the month, I do a State of the Blog post. Meh. Not feeling it. Any thoughts I have on the subject can wait until next month. Instead, here’s one from the vaults for your amusement. [SotB Archives]~~~Awareness of the outside world. Little Free Library. IContinue reading “Vicarious Travel, Gutenberg Bible at the NYPL”

I Wave My Hoof At Your Aunties

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. Dear Black Son, a portrait project.~~~ Did you notice Milton’s hoof in the photo yesterday? [Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet] Curling his front leg is Milton’s go to stress move in-hand. Of course, his stress move under saddle is to hop around like a wind-up toy. But I digress.Continue reading “I Wave My Hoof At Your Aunties”

Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet, Annual Check-up Version

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. “Do it for the immunocompromised. Do it for the kids. Do it for the elderly.” Your Local Epidemiologist: Be angry. But do it with a mask on. Some FAQ answered…, Jetelina. In case I haven’t done so before, assist to the friend who recommended YLE.~~~ In Which We VisitContinue reading “Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet, Annual Check-up Version”

Saddlehorse World vs. Dressage, Part I, Guest Post

Guest post by Contact. Welcome. Update. At the risk of creating an infinite loop, the link to this page, including a photo of the author and friend at a sparkling show trot, Contact: When worlds collide.~~~ I have been asked to do a post comparing the saddlebred show industry (or saddlehorse world which would includeContinue reading “Saddlehorse World vs. Dressage, Part I, Guest Post”

Tevis, Virtual and Otherwise, 4 Miles, 3 Days

Riding Journal Awareness of the outside world. I can’t bitch about gatherings and then give the groups I like a pass. So, I did wonder if this was the best choice of activities at the moment. The ride itself was outside and social distant by default. The travel? The hotels? No masks anywhere, but then,Continue reading “Tevis, Virtual and Otherwise, 4 Miles, 3 Days”