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Driftwood Horse Art, Guest Photos

Rita Dee
Helmholz Fine Art
Manchester VT

Photos taken with permission of gallery.
Photos posted with permission of photographer.

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Y’All Report

Y’All Connect was a wonderful meeting for millennials who are working to improve the use of social media within their company’s marketing departments. Since I am none of the above, I didn’t get as much out of the day. The fellow in charge is big in local blogging circles, so I assume a large blogging component. My bad for not reading the prospectus more carefully. After all, the Y’All Connect page describes it as a digital marketing conference. Duh.

High Points
The first speaker, Kristin Scroggin of Workplace Training Solutions, talked about social media style across generations, chart here. She claimed that social media hits are digital dopamine. You always want more, more, more. Meh. I’m fond of hits, and likes, and comments, but I’m not driven by them. I could quit anytime I wanted. She also said that we get a dopamine rush from the act of self-disclosure. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

The second speaker was local celebrity, James Spann, the weather dude at our ABC affiliate station. Seriously, he’s one of the big names in the area. Everyone knows James. We all watch him when the weather gets bad. You can tell how deep we are into the weather event by how undressed he is. Coat off yet? Tie? Sleeves rolled up? But I digress. Excellent speaker. He has an interesting remit. Unlike businesses, who want to reach this segment of the population, or that group, Spann’s goal is to reach every single person in his coverage area. Therefore, he is on every single social media channel out there, including the brand new Mastodon, which no one in the room had heard of.

One of my tablemates, Mary Sood of Mom ‘N’ I Publishing, was inspired to create an Instagram account for her book series. Say hello to @yellowkittenbooks. It’s possible that Spotted had a hoof in the decision. Of course Spotted was there.

Bottom Line
Mission success was defined as attending [Greetings], so I succeeded. Plus it got me out off the farm.

Y’All Connect on Rodney’s Saga
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[Conference Report. Not. Long Version.]

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Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset

Sunset photography class at Oak Mountain State Park (class details). Props to instructor Meg McKinney [Meet Meg] for arranging a fabulous sunset for us to photograph.


Previous Oak Mountain Classes
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Life Lesson in a Trailer Spring

We took out the trailer partition to see if Rodney would like it that way [Future]. We put it back for Milton.

One of the elements is the large spring that swings the divider away from the horse. Due to the tension required, it was a bear to get back on. We used brute strength. We used levers. We finally squoze it on using a large clamp.

It was on upside down. The pointy end faced the horse. We took it off. Turned it around. It popped on as easy as you please.

The lesson here is not difficult to determine.

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Leading Him On

On our walks, Milton has graduated from a chain over his nose to a plain leadrope. Okay, the ears are still back, but it’s more ‘Whatever, Dude.’ and less plotting misbehavior.

Milton has also relaxed sufficiently to be on a leadrope at Stepping Stone. Although we always pack a chain leadshank, just in case.

Chain posts
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[Milton’s Moods] Photo source, last year.
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[Proper Walk Protocol] Still on a chain in late May, this year.

Does this photo shoot come with cookies?

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Rodney Lately

Here we stand. Literally.

Rodney’s trailer kerfuffle was five weeks ago [Dubious Future]. He injured his right hind leg above his ankle. It was never very bad & gets better every day [Rodney’s Feet]. But slowly. Oh, so slowly.

We’ve been doing stand lessons at the mounting block. If I sit on the block, he will stand next to it forever. If I mount up, he feels the need to move off. This tells me he is not at peace with having a rider on his back. So, I sit on the block. I stand on the block. I lean on the saddle. I get on. We stand. I get off. I sit, stand, lean, get on. And so on. And so on. It’s good for his mind and it’s something we can do while his ankle deflates.

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Greetings Y’All

Regular Readers: Today’s post is a special landing page for people I meet at Y’All Connect, a one-day blogging and media conference. The regular blog schedule will resume tomorrow.

New Readers: Hello! Do you think I should start a food blog?

Me. Freelance writer. Blogger. Horseback rider. [About]

The Blog. A daily blog. Mostly horses. Also cats, dogs, books, LEGO bricks, photography, writing, lettering, biking, firefighting, and so on. In short, whatever catches my fancy at the moment. [Cast of Critters]

The Conference. For the previous 2015 conference, I made myself a list of Do’s & Dont’s [State of the Blog: Y’all Connect]. I had goals. I had plans. I was going to network! Market! Be pro-active! This year, I just hope to show up.

On the morning of the conference in 2015, My horse – the Rodney of Rodney’s Saga – sprung a nosebleed. Horses have big noses, even a minor nosebleed is a carmine deluge. He was fine, but I missed the conference. [Conference Report. Not. Long Version]

Fewer plans for this year. Mission success will be defined as attending. Since I need something to ponder, I’m thinking about a food blog. My husband cooks. I write. We should be able to work with this.

So, that’s me, and the blog, and my goals for Y’All Connect 2017. Let me know where you are visiting from (from where you are visiting? from whence? Pulls self out of grammar tailspin). I’ll come over to say hi.

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