Seeing The Other Side, Doors & Windows


Awareness of the outside world. AD: 15 of the World’s Most Historically Significant Doors, Brown 2019.

Note. Post was originally planned as fill-in for the holiday break of the architecture photography class. Unfortunately, the class was cancelled. Since the post was already done, I let it stand. Also, considering staying with architecture as a photography project. Buildings make nicely predictable photo subjects. [Architectural Photography Linkfest]

Back to the originally scheduled post.

A trip down memory lane turned up an old photo. Pretty enough that I wanted to share it. To keep it company, windows and doors from previous posts.

Cote d’Ivoire in 1986

[Foto Friday: Stella] Different window, same storm. Not mine, neither snow nor window nor photo.

[Ready For Their Roadtrip Buddy Movie]

[A Door Between Me and the World]

[Milton Behind Bars]

[Art Foto Friday: Stall Door]

[The Grass Was Greener]


4 thoughts on “Seeing The Other Side, Doors & Windows

  1. I love the Ivory Coast photo. My copy sits on the green marble surround of our bathtub. Perfect colors and image.
    Thank you.

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