Thanksgiving Thursday is Driving Thursday


Awareness of the outside world. “The First Thanksgiving is often portrayed as a friendly harvest festival where Pilgrims and generic, nameless “Indians” came together to eat and give thanks. In reality, the assembly of the Wampanoag Peoples and the English settlers in 1621 had much more to do with political alliances, diplomacy, and a pursuit of peace.” Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Rethinking Thanksgiving Celebrations: Native Perspectives on Thanksgiving.



Milton hitched at home!

We have now hitched three times in the backyard.

First time, a week ago, much concern on everyone’s part: header, driver, & horse.

Second time, last weekend, smooth as silk. Strolling in the park.

Third time, also last weekend, went so well that there was a small hint of work being done. Milton was a star about it but he did stress eat cookies after.

For some reason, both of these horses have always found working at home to be more worrisome that working away. Hence all the trailering to other barns. Maybe the footing. Maybe the rings. Maybe the attitude of the people.

The facilities are more basic chez nous, but we can work more often if it doesn’t mean shipping every time we want to hitch.

Photo is screengrab from video I took to show the driver how the harness was fitting.


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