What Is Now, State of the Blog

Words Now is hard. Having trouble figuring out how to approach the Now page. [State of the Now, New Feature, Same News] If I write about Now as in ‘right this moment’, that’s no different than a regular blog post. If I recap of the previous month with a list of links, it’s a rerun. WhileContinue reading “What Is Now, State of the Blog”

Status Quo Ante, State of the Fitness

Fit To Ride Tai Chi Have added tai chi back into my exercise mix. Had stopped when I torqued my ankle. [I’m Bored Already] The online group I virtually attend does the first third of the form three times and then the entire form twice. For now, I am doing the three intro pieces andContinue reading “Status Quo Ante, State of the Fitness”

Status Quo Equine, State of the Now

Riding Updated Now page +++ State of The Now, 27 November 2022 Horses taking the winter to investigate progress that can be made with ground-driving. I hope to take lessons and investigate what to do with all the energy that usually goes into riding. Overall, Milton happier as a driving horse than he was aContinue reading “Status Quo Equine, State of the Now”

When Your Heart Is With The Jumps But You Find Out That Part Of You Will Always Be With The Saddlebreds

Riding Note. No ASB since the fun show. Intend to stay with it, at least on a casual basis. However, things kept coming up this month. So, here’s a thought from summer. [Finishing Out The Year] Background. All Saddlebred classes start the same way of the ring. Courses for Falcon Hill Farm Jumper Night. GoContinue reading “When Your Heart Is With The Jumps But You Find Out That Part Of You Will Always Be With The Saddlebreds”

Home Team Update, Ground Driving

Working but not Riding Both horses are on ground-driving program. Milton possibly permanently; Rodney temporarily, we hope. Milton We are seeing how Milton feels about being a driving horse instead of a riding horse. Fitness walks up and down in the pasture. Lunging circles at walk and trot. Steering exercises around barrels. All done withContinue reading “Home Team Update, Ground Driving”

Farm vs Outdoor, Both Outside, Totally Different Places

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. Family shit going on. Second time in two months. The outside world can take care of itself for a while. BTW, different branches of family tree. Not same group twice. ~~~ Went to a well-known outdoor clothing store prepared to spend serious money for a winter coat. No luck.Continue reading “Farm vs Outdoor, Both Outside, Totally Different Places”

Artists Are Awesome, Pom Pom Edition

Images Awareness of the outside world. Fashion & Textile Museums. ~~~ Pom poms created by weaving wonder woman Jan Priddy, who blogs at Imperfect Patience. The green ones are left overs from a pair of shawls with Canadian merino yarn by Koigu. The red ones are blanket with mostly handspun from NW and Canada. AllContinue reading “Artists Are Awesome, Pom Pom Edition”