A Brief Check-In With The Main Charcaters

Horse Training Awareness of the outside world. I am declaring it to be December. That’s it, just December. Another month on the calendar. I have nothing against Christmas itself. The Whos singing Dahoo Dores always chokes me up. It’s the red and green ramp-up that is getting to me. Unless something really grabs me, theContinue reading “A Brief Check-In With The Main Charcaters”

Jasmine and Rose, Meet The New Dogs

Critters Awareness of the outside world. My nephew. “Party like it’s 1999, Warriors Cap perfect season with 34-28 SuperBowl win,” Local Headline News: Sports Page, Wakefield Daily Item, Kelly, Dec 6, 2022, front page. LHN: Perfect Season, jkeating624, Dec 5, 2022, team photo. YouTube: Wakefield Football Super Bowl (2022), highlight reel. ~~~ To tell this,Continue reading “Jasmine and Rose, Meet The New Dogs”

The Illustrated Month, December

Images Legend D – The light returns. E – The year rolls over. C – The cold weather comes. (Northern Hemisphere) E – Holiday M – Cold Moon [timeanddate: Full Moon Names.] B – Dec = 10. Tenth place is light blue. E – Holiday R – Turquoise Birthstone Last Month [The Non-Illustrated Month, November] ArchiveContinue reading “The Illustrated Month, December”

What Is Now, State of the Blog

Words Now is hard. Having trouble figuring out how to approach the Now page. [State of the Now, New Feature, Same News] If I write about Now as in ‘right this moment’, that’s no different than a regular blog post. If I recap of the previous month with a list of links, it’s a rerun. WhileContinue reading “What Is Now, State of the Blog”

Status Quo Ante, State of the Fitness

Fit To Ride Tai Chi Have added tai chi back into my exercise mix. Had stopped when I torqued my ankle. [I’m Bored Already] The online group I virtually attend does the first third of the form three times and then the entire form twice. For now, I am doing the three intro pieces andContinue reading “Status Quo Ante, State of the Fitness”