The Return of the Sippy Cup, Virtual Tevis 2021

Riding Journal If the clinic recap is not here, I took Monday to recover. Another post from the reserve pile. Later, although still taking Monday off, had enough energy to repost this announcement. (Barely, tired fingers + tired brain = Typopalooza.)~~~Awareness of the outside world. Wondering if virtual is here to stay. Dragon*Con has announcedContinue reading “The Return of the Sippy Cup, Virtual Tevis 2021”

SCAD Horse

Images Clinic started last Friday. Therefore, scheduling a post from the reserve pile for today. Gotta go make us presentable to be seen in public.~~~Awareness of the outside world. “SERVE is the Savannah College of Art and Design’s student-led community service initiative.” Eight programs listed, including Alternative Spring Break, “This annual community-service project takes placeContinue reading “SCAD Horse”

Found Art, Screening Stickers

Images Awareness of the outside world. Center for art law: Beauty Wrapped in Bureaucracy: An Art Law Tribute to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Zheng, 2020.~~~Littering becomes art. An improptu Christo-homage installation. UAB Dental is still screening for fever. You get a sticker to display. (FTR, appointment was last Tues. Stickers marked incorrectly. First day after longContinue reading “Found Art, Screening Stickers”

Free To Good Home, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks

Words Instruments For Words Free stuff. Seriously. I have too much. Help me out. I have two writing implement subscription boxes: iPen and Field Notes. Love them both. Not planning on stopping. However. The stuff accumulates. Particularly Field Notes. I use them for notes when I go out. I don’t go out much. So, IContinue reading “Free To Good Home, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks”

How To Cool Off A Porta-Potty Without Embarrassing The Users

Images Awareness of the outside world. Equine Ink: Demand for Ejiao Decimating global Donkey Population. Because there is always some new-to-me horror to be discovered. The Brooke: Donkey Skin Trade FAQ.~~~ I continue to be fascinated with the variable features of portable toilets. Photo description, image of gray, plastic porta-potty showing sturdy, square, black meshContinue reading “How To Cool Off A Porta-Potty Without Embarrassing The Users”