A Day For Mnemonic Devices, Words

Awareness of the outside world. The six official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, & Spanish. “A delegate may speak in any official UN language. The speech is interpreted simultaneously into the other official languages of the UN. At times, a delegate may choose to make a statement using a non-officialContinue reading “A Day For Mnemonic Devices, Words”

One Place, Lots of Pasture, State of the Fitness

Awareness of the outside world. CNN: Canada will start putting health warnings on individual cigarettes, Hassan, Newton and Maxouris, May 31, 2023. CNN: US cigarette smoking rate falls to historic low, but e-cigarette use keeps climbing, Christensen, April 27, 2023. ~~~ Daily Walks Bicenntennial Minipark, The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I will neither confirmContinue reading “One Place, Lots of Pasture, State of the Fitness”

Yet More Walking, State of the Now

Awareness of the outside world. 15 states have more than one time zone: Florida, Oregon, Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, North Dakota, Michigan, Alaska, South Dakota, Nevada, Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, and Indiana. “Before the establishment of time zones in 1883, there were over 144 local times in North America.” DOT: History of Time Zones 2021. HatContinue reading “Yet More Walking, State of the Now”

Dumbo’s Magic Feather, Rodney’s New Supplement

Awareness of the outside world. Medium: Why was Marijuana Made Illegal in the First Place? -part I, Dodge, 2018. ~~~ Rodney has been getting Smart & Simple CBD Pellets from Smartpak for about a month. The theory is that CBD gives the herbal benefits of hemp extract without the drug component. The claim is thatContinue reading “Dumbo’s Magic Feather, Rodney’s New Supplement”

Dressing The Part, Solidly in the 70s, Virtual Tevis 2023

Awareness of the outside world. ArcGIS Online: Alberta Wildfire Status. ArcGIS Online: BLM California Wildfire Dashboard (Public). ~~~ Virtual Tevis Cup 2023100 Miles in 100 Days19 April to 30 July Rodney – 12 miles this week, 79 miles totalMilton – 13 miles this week, 70 miles totalTues 16 May to Mon 29 May As lastContinue reading “Dressing The Part, Solidly in the 70s, Virtual Tevis 2023”

Milton’s Belly Has A Brief Bump

Awareness of the outside world. Vox: How African-Americans in South Carolina invented Memorial Day, Yglesias, 2014. Have not watched video. Plan to. Speaker cited here, Vox: How a group of African Americans was almost erased from the history of Memorial Day, Massie, 2016. ~~~ Milton, you have a big, nasty bug on your belly. LemmeContinue reading “Milton’s Belly Has A Brief Bump”

Fractal Triangle, Graphic Art

Art of the outside world. “Donald Jackson’s illustration of “Creation” shows seven vertical slices representing the days of creation, beginning with fractals and the Hebrew word for chaos.” Library of Congress: Illuminating The Word, IRL exhibition. Also, LOC: Illuminating the Word: The St. John’s Bible, Online Exhibition. Same image, without fractal in the description. TheContinue reading “Fractal Triangle, Graphic Art”