I check both.

Instagram: Virtual Brush Box

Canceled by Instagram [New Title, New Instagram … or Not]
… and we’re back.
[Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, I’m Back On Instagram]
… and I’m off again. I have a habit of getting drawn into too many projects.
Last Instagram post [Cosy Cats & The Ground Underfoot, Instagram March 2020].

Facebook: Rodney’s Saga
Got off FB as well, “Ending daily link posts. I am taking a personal break from Facebook. Too much angst. There is gracious plenty of that from the news. Don’t need to look for more. Since I have no self-control, that means a blog break from FB as well. I can’t seem to sign on, post the link, & leave. For daily posts, you can Follow by Email over on the blog, or bookmark the page, same bat time, same bat channel. Thank you. Hope to see you there.” RSFB message, May 19, 2020

Twitter: Virtual Brush Box
That’s the handle Twitter assigned.
Later. Not Twittering either. Have never grokked Twitter. Tried repeatedly. Retreated in defeat each time.

RSS feed: Rodney’s Saga
Other stuff. Feel free to explore. Listed for my reference.

(semi) Active Blogs
Virtual Brush Box Placeholder with the VBB url,
Rodney’s Storage
Rodney’s Saga workaround on Blogger

Past Incarnations
Back To Eventing, list of posts
Back To Riding
Facebook for BTR

Press Clips
BehindtheScenes: USDF Connection
Mathilda in USDF Connection
Rodney in Horse Illustrated
The Horse writing links
USCTA News/US Eventing links

Inactive Accounts
Instagram: @rodneyssaga
Blog: Off Topic
Flickr Stream: Rodney’s Saga
Twitter, content: @RodneysSaga
Twitter, notifications: @RodneySagaBlog
Created August 1, 2014
Updated June 8, 2018
Updated September 19, 2020. Notices of lack of activity on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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