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Awareness of the outside world. Pondering this online open enrollment class for Spring, Chicago: Whales, Whaling, and American History. Class with have two virtual tours and a guest speaker. Introduction to the course, UChicago: Whales, Whaling, and American History: A Conversation with Michael Rossi. OE means $ but no tests. I see it as paying for interesting lectures. Online, 2 1/2 hrs, Tues nights. Starts March 29. Anyone wanna sign up and we can take it “together”?

I am getting on board with 36 Days of Type. Sorta.

“Participants are challenged to design a letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days.” The 36: The Project. It is mainly an Instagram activity. IG: 36daysoftype

However, I have no desire to design every day, nor to reopen the blog’s Instagram account, [Cosy Cats last post, Contact because]

So, I will be posting seven letters here each Sunday.

I picked five colors and five shapes. Used a sophisticated randomization process – slips of paper stirred by someone else. Result.

Week one, Sunday March 13 – blue triangle, A B C D E F G

Week two, Sunday March 20 – red diamond, H I J K L M N

Week three, Sunday March 27 – purple square, O P Q R S T U

Week four, Sunday April 3 – orange crescent, V W X Y Z 0 1

Week five, Sunday April 10 – green circle, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 & 9

Can we take a moment to appreciate that the square got round letters and the crescent got spiky letters? Well I picked the crescent as challenge, so.

Excited. I’ve been playing with ideas since I came up with the plan in mid Feb. Now, if I could only develop this level of momentum for a Saturday fiction project.

Note. My first set of letters won’t be until next weekend. I’m putting this here now so I can link to it as an introduction for the weekly posts.



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