A Foto For Friday, Reopening The Blog Instagram Account

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Awareness of the outside world. Jim C. Hines: Thoughts on Blood Donation and Bodily Autonomy. May 2022.


On Friday posts, I usually talk about my fitness efforts, such as they are. It’s difficult to generate content – particularly fitness content – with one’s foot in the air. [Bored]

So I restarted my Instagram account, virtual_brush_box.

First photo.

Caption: Art in the ER

Second Caption: Reopening account while I am on stall rest.

Unembedded copy of photo, in case Instagram decides to take their toys and go home.


Got the idea when the main character in a book posted to Instagram, “Anything that matched the brand she was trying to build for herself.” Since my ‘brand’ is random shit, dunno why this spoke to me, but it did. Delilah Green Doesn’t Care, by Ashley Herring Blake (Berkley 2022, Kindle)

Yes, I am a straight person who reads gay romance novels, either M/M or F/F. I find them restful. It is a similar situation to saddle seat versus hunter/jumper. I have few opinions on the conduct of gay relationships. I have many opinions on M/F relations. Have you ever noticed an incident written as cute in a novel that would qualify as sexual harassment in real life? But I digress.


This was my Instagram page from November 2018 to now. Actually, it was more complicated than that. Instagram shut this account down. I started another one. And so on. [Contact]


This was the one I reopened.


One photo so far. I’ll see what else turns up. At the other end of the scale, I’ll see if I can keep Instagram limited to an occasional, interesting side project.


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