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Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. “We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives. As women organize walking teams, they also mobilize community members to support advocacy efforts and lead a Civil Rights-inspired health movement.” GirlTrek: About


GirlTrek: June 1st! The Jumpstart is here!

And we’re back. Having restarted exercise, I shall restarted Fitness Fridays. [A Foto For Friday]

I like the variety of the walks listed on the GirlTrek chart (click over for bigger image): in a national park, to support a cause, across town. I will try to add these as available. Generally, I stomp around the field.

I love the idea of intentionality. “#2. A “Trek” aka a walk at GirlTrek is at least 30 minutes in sneakers. It should be intentional.”

Let me tell you a horse story.

When Mathilda was retired, I used to take her on daily strolls. [My Two Horses]

You might not think a horse would need to be walked. They are on their feet (almost) 24/7. Walk. Graze. Walk. Yet, we saw a difference when she and I would do a few laps around the pasture.

I posit that there was a benefit to 20-30-whatever minutes of continuous walking, rather than the stopping and starting she did the rest of the day.

So that’s my plan. One mile of continuous, intentional walking each day.

Note. My pace per mile is closer to 25 minutes, maybe 20 minutes in a 5K, but one mile is nice round number, so I’m staying with it.

July Exercise Summary

Walking. A double handful of walks last month. Not on days when I was in town with The World Games. I counted that as effort, if not exercise. [Volunteering]

So far most of the walks have been at a local pocket park to take advantage of the paved, level path. Will get back to pasture walks soon. Well, as soon as I go around the path with a set of clippers. Greenery regrows fast! [Preferring the Pasture]

Biking. A small handful. Short distance. Still at the prove-you-can-get-on-a-bike stage.

Tai Chi. One IRL class. Probably will not repeat. It’s a long drive for an exercise class. I don’t do one for a while. Then, I decdde that the drive will be fine. Then I do it and remember why I don’t.

All going okay. More tired than I would like after.

Mileage Logs

Walking [Virtual Mississippi River]

Biking [Virtual Great Ocean Road II]


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