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Books of the outside world. Listening to Semi-Famous by Josh Sundquist. Chose audio because he reads it. “The consensus was that it’s a memoir, they want to hear it from the author, and if it’s fiction, they want a professional actor.” The Everywhereist: What’s It Like To Record Your Own Audiobook?. I concur.


If You Just Want The Sausage

Technical adjustments should make it easier for me to keep up with comments.

How The Sausage Is Made

Last year, I apologized for my severe delay in commenting. “My WordPress program has developed a weird hiccup. When I look at an unpublished post, I am logged in. When I look at a published post, I am not.” [State of the Blog, Blanket Apology For My Comment Response]

I bumbled along this way for a year or more.

Recently, in clearing my cache, I managed to do the same thing to my phone. Now I appeared as a visitor on my own posts, both desktop & phone. Phooey. It also bounced me out of commenting on everyone else’s posts. Not insurmountable, but time to fix.

Poked around a bit. Installed log-in widget on main blog. I had been logging in through subsidiary blog because I did not see the need for a log-in button on the main blog. [Rodney’s Storage]

No dice.

Contact WordPress. Prompt & helpful.

Online chat with tech support. Turns out the widget I used for the main blog didn’t work for them either. The one I was using on Rodney’s Storage was a legacy that still worked.

As with the doctor’s office, one does not want to be the interesting case for tech support.

Gave me another method without widget.

Still didn’t log me in.

Could I have restricted the cookies? Sure, that sounded like something I would do. Since this part of the problem was my on end, they couldn’t help. Pointed me to article and wished me luck.

Pull up article. Go here. Yes. Click on this. Yes. Pull down this menu. Yes. Click on this option. Uh … nope. Not there.

At this point, I was tired of it all. Annoying because I had been on the page to make the change but now couldn’t get back.

Personal tech support came home. I asked for help.

Handed over phone. Tap, tap. Phone fixed. Tap, tap, tap. Article that shows how to fix desktop. Done.

Well, okay then. Now I am a full admin for my own blog on both my phone and my desktop.

Staying with my philosophy of letting readers talk amongst themselves first. [Comment Policy]

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