State of the Blog, Blanket Apology For My Comment Response


My comment game has been lax. [Comment Policy]

My apologies for …

1) The major gap in 2020.

2) The delay in catching up for several weeks in 2021.

3) Any future delays & gaps.

It would convenient to blame the pandemic. In truth, inertia is a demon I wrestle with, particularly when I am not busy.

This seems counter-intuitive.

When I have an empty horizon, I find it can take all day to Do The Laundry. When I’m busy – with a happy, perky, fulfilled kind of busy – I find it easy to toss in a load or two when I have a moment.

So it’s like that. I get myself all worked up about Responding To The Comments. So I don’t. And then the days pile up.

The pandemic certainly doesn’t help.

Grits teeth. Vows to do better.

My WordPress program has developed a weird hiccup. When I look at an unpublished post, I am logged in. When I look at a published post, I am not.

A) This messes up my stats by counting internal surfing as outside hits. Digital own-goals.

B) This means I have to comment as a visitor, rather than as the author of the blog. [example, Summer Stomping]

This only happens on my desktop. On my phone, I am logged in no matter what I am looking at.

Since I can still edit and preview, I haven’t put in the time to track down the problem. So my stats are wonky. Oh well. I’m not using them for marketing.

Therefore, if I want to comment as myself, I have to comment on my phone. Thumb-typing is less convenient than having an entire keyboard at my disposal. Cue interia.

As of now, I am caught up on 2021 comments. The 2020 comments I missed are getting a link to this post. I, for one, have no desire to go back to last October.

I read the comments.

I love the comments.

I always respond to the comments. In my head.

I don’t always respond to the comments. On the post.

STOB [Archives]

Update. The technical wrinkle occurred after the program redo in April of this year. The big hole in last year’s response was all me. [Change]

Update the second. All fixed. [State of The Blog, State of the Comments]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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