New Shoes, Not for the Horse!

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Awareness of the outside world. The Brothers Brick: LEGO prototype brick made from recycled plastic is a leap towards sustainable goals [News].

Capezio Canvas Split-Sole Hanami Ballet Shoe from Applause Dancewear. It was an exhaustive shopping experience.

Me: Ballet shoes for class at Dance Foundation.

Store clerk: These. (Hands me shoes).

Me: Thank you, here’s my card.

Are these the first shoes for me that weren’t some form of barn boots since ???. Do I put more effort into what goes on my horse’s feet/legs. Maybe.

The fuzzy socks I wore for the first dance class worked just fine, due to sticky dots on the bottom. No judgement from class, but I still I felt like a Muppet. They are much redder in person. I looked like Elmo.

Do you find that what looks good at home doesn’t look as presentable once you get out in public? Not as clean as you thought? A little more cat hair than you thought? Or do I need to get out more? Or both.

So, I sprung for special shoes.

In other news. The parapraxis continues. Whenever I type shoe it comes out show. [Stomping Season]

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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