Waving My Arms to Music

Fit To Ride


Tomorrow, the adult dance classes resume at The Dance Foundation. I shall be there, standing in the back, looking gormless, wondering which way to go.

Remember when I said, ‘I may never be better than the first time’ [Challenge]? HA. I should be so lucky. I expected my learning curve to be shallow. I did not expect it to nose dive. I got worse with each new dance style.

Variations? It helps to be good at the original first.

Tap? Combines dance with musical expression, an activity that is even lower on my skill chart.

Floor Barre & Pilates? My back is too tight/stiff to tolerate extended amounts of time slithering around on the floor. I actually skipped the Pilates. There is a difference between working your muscles too hard and your body saying, ‘No. You will not do that again.’

Since the teachers change each week, they often ask if I have any dance experience. Technically, I do. I took ballet as a kid and as an adult. I could even name drop at least one heavy-duty dance school name. Instead, I answer the unspoken question, i.e. What can I as a teacher expect from you as a student in the next hour? Let’s all assume I know nothing. That’ll work out for the best.

Has any of this helped with riding? Not yet. Not directly. I’m proceeding under the theory moving is better than not moving.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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