Summer Stomping Season Has Started


Awareness of the outside world. In honor of Towel Day, advice from the master. BBC Radio 4: 42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by.

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Rodney’s left front foot four weeks after shoeing. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

His right front shoe and both of Milton’s shoes are about what one would expect after that length of time, i.e. slightly raised clenches, due in a few weeks.

Time to switch over to the summer shoeing schedule.

At least being turned out in booties is having appears to be having the effect of keeping his shoes on. Usually by this time in the year he has pulled at least one shoe. [Booties Bonanza]

On a related note, every time I intended to type SHOE above, my fingers came out with SHOW. Including just there. Digital parapraxis.

Second related note. While I am perfectly capable of taking random pictures of my horse’s foot for a blog post, these were taken to update my blacksmith.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

6 thoughts on “Summer Stomping Season Has Started

  1. I’ve been watching the girls like a hawk to see if they’re starting the stomping season yet. We got Shoo Fly “leggings” to try, mostly for Lilly since she’s the only one who is shod at the moment. I have never used them before, but bloggers seem to love them. I haven’t put them on yet, but I think it’s coming soon…

  2. Funny you should mention leggings. Bought last year. Used intermittently. Now that the post-breakfast turnout routine incorporates booties, might as well toss on the leggings. See Tuesday’s post.

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