Booties Bonanza, New Equipment


Awareness of the outside world. Alabama to expand COVID vaccine to people with health conditions, people 55 and older March 22. 55 and older. That would be me.

Booties therapy seems to be working. Have expanded it to include post-work days. Therefore, bought new ones. Old set was breaking down & too big. I swear, they have more leg & foot wear than I do. More expensive, certainly. [Back In Booties]

Simple Hoof Boots by Cavallo from State Line.

Testing for fit.


I got so excited to see how he would do, I forgot to take a photo of Rodney in his brand new booties.

Booties at work in the wild.

Came in fancy box with free hoofpick. I’m always suspicious of products with spiffy packaging. You pay for it, one way or another. How about less fuss & lower the price?

Caveat. I am most definitely not weighing in on the barefoot debate. These go over his shoes. This method seems to work for this horse at this moment. I make no claims or arguments otherwise.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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