Nah, I’m Good


Awareness of the outside world. A roundup of historical errors, Going Medieval: Annoy a medievalist Bingo, and why this matters today, Going Medieval: On colonialism, imperialism, and ignoring medieval history.

Immobility is often Rodney’s response when I go to let him out after lunch.

Full belly.
Privacy from Sharknado.

Why should I leave?

You can see the old hay – the stuff he turned his nose up at – spread over the stall floor. Of the new stuff, there is not a twig. [Hurrah]

Also. Yes, a ridiculous amount of footwear for a pasture potato. I think this every morning when I dress him for the day. [Booties]

Also, also. The lighting and angle give a deceiving toast-rack effect. He is ribby. Except for a short time in his mid-teens, we’ve been fighting that his whole life. Currently, he has visible ribs and fat pads on his shoulders & butt. Go figure.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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