How To Cool Off A Porta-Potty Without Embarrassing The Users


Awareness of the outside world. Equine Ink: Demand for Ejiao Decimating global Donkey Population. Because there is always some new-to-me horror to be discovered. The Brooke: Donkey Skin Trade FAQ.

I continue to be fascinated with the variable features of portable toilets. Photo description, image of gray, plastic porta-potty showing sturdy, square, black mesh floor.

Supplied by: Able Portable Toilets & Septic Service
Manufacturer: unknown
Seen at: Big Valley Livestock and Trailer Sales, Attalla AL, May 2021

Portable Toilet [archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

2 thoughts on “How To Cool Off A Porta-Potty Without Embarrassing The Users

  1. This is so sick. Bans aren’t going to help, thieves will take the donkeys anyway. Anything to make a buck. I didn’t know about this, it is so sick. Ban traditional Chinese medicine, it seems that takes so many animals for products that don’t do a damn. Thank you for letting me know.

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