Trailer Shuffling


Lucky enough to have a horse

Awareness of the outside world. Anyone else enjoying the calmer news cycle? The world continues to be filled with horrors. The level of gratuitous Sturm und Drang has abated.

We have swapped seats to see if Rodney can find more room for his big self in the oddly-shaped back slot. Of course, it’s a new idea, so he hates it. An early-adopter Rodney is not. Milton seems fine in the front seat. Smug even.
Stay safe. Stay sane.

Categories: Horses

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  1. They travel at a slant. Lots of opinions on slant-load versus straight-load. Yet, the best I’ve seen horses travel is all jammed together on stock trailers. Go figure.
    I could do with a bit more Handsome Is As Handsome Does, but they are fun to watch romping across the pasture.

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