T-Shirts for the Barn


When I went off to DragonCon, I considered wearing a costume but didn’t want to expend the time & money on something I would wear once. I compromised on genre-appropriate shirts with the understanding that they would become my new barn shirts. Here they are:

T shirt Who

T shirt panic

This has been misinterpreted [Dog Show]. Also from ThinkGeek. Design no longer listed on website.

T shirt HP

Shirt used as impromptu cat bed. Not an unusual fate in my house.

TW pad Ghost & Blue

Also from ThinkGeek. Also ditto.

T shirt LEGO

BrickShirts. Design also no longer listed. I guess they have to keep changing to keep selling.

Plus a shirt with an map of the subway from Alice in Wonderland that has gone walkabout – the shirt, not the Wonderland subway. That never existed.


Image from here. Also from ThinkGeek, but also no longer available.

Googling for the above image led me to this:


An Alice mosaic on the wall of a NYC subway station. Public art done right. IRT 1, 50th st.

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