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Foto Friday: Light in Darkness



Process Notes
More accident art. The barn light at night. Found on my camera after taking this one.

Foto Friday: Accidental Art, Horse & Cart

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Katherine Walcott

Split Personality

I take a book out to the barn. I sit in the sun. I watch the green trees against the blue sky. I listen to the horses chew their breakfast hay. I drink my morning Coke. I pat the dog. I smell the hay, and wood, and grass, and dirt of a barn. My barn. It is enough. I am happy.

My inner jump rider howls in frustration.

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Katherine Walcott


What I Love About The Horse World

We all have horse world horror stories that cause us to roll our eyes, gnash our teeth, and doubt human nature. Other times, it can be a great place.

Saddlebreds show with freakishly long tails. In between shows, the tails are braided and tied up to preserve as many tail hairs as possible. In the ring, the tails are combed out to float gloriously in the breeze. In between classes, tails are fastened up temporarily with hair bobbles.

At the show, I took Dottie for a walk. We were far away from our home stalls when I realized her tail had fallen out of the bobble. I detangled bobble from tail. I had trouble rebobbling, as it required two hands on the tail and one hand on the leadrope.

I walked up to the nearest trainer-shaped object, held out the green-plastic bobble and said, “Can you do these?” She said sure, introduced herself, and attended to Dottie’s tail. We chatted a bit about the horse she had in cross-ties. Dottie was done. We resumed our walk.

Where else can you ask a complete stranger for help with the assumption that you will get it, happily and with competence?

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Things That Make You Question Your Life Choices

Having to take a shower BEFORE you exercise.

Seriously. First thing I do in the morning is feed. It’s possible that manure is involved. I don’t notice anymore. Therefore, I try to tone down the barn odor as much as possible before spending an hour in a closed room with muggles.

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Foto Friday: Piece of the Past

Amazing what percolates up out of the dirt.

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What Makes You, You? A Blog Hop.

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Thoughtful Equestrian posed the question What makes someone at the barn (or your trainer) think of you immediately? Since I have no one to ask around here, I turned to Coach Courtney at SSF.

“Whenever I see blue duct tape, I think of you.”
I bring my own halter, brushes, etc. Every item is marked.


(The stool is for bodywork and to keep my brush box above the reach of marking dogs. I decorated it with names of the SSF horses I have ridden.)

“Whenever I open my email, I think of you.”
I send her a lot of email. Sadly, this does not even include the ones I write and delete.
[This Is Not News]

“When ever we win cool stuff, I think of you.”
I love me some useful loot.

Duffel bag.

[Show Photos: UPHA Chapter 8, Cleveland, TN] 2013


[Sportin’ the Bling] 2014

Coatbag & backpack

[Banquet Photos] 2015

Technical Shirt

[ASHAG Awards 2015] 2016


[Loving The Loot] 2016

Wooden Grooming Box

[ASHAA Banquet 2017]

I tell you, saddle seat is awesome about awards!

I would have expected:
Noise. Even Saddlebred people think I am loud. However, Reagan [Barnshine] says she can hear me when she’s in the ring. That’s good enough for me. People can turn around and stare at me all they want. I’ll keep cheering for my team.

A Pony-Club level of obsession with stable management.


So, what makes you, you?

Update: Another entry. Ambitious: Thoughtful Equestrian Blog Hop: What makes you, you? Color, photography, & sounds.

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Foto Friday: Painted Tool Boxes

My blacksmith team painted their toolboxes. Festive!



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