Training Journal … or lack thereof

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

The storm that took down the large tree in the pasture [Damage] left behind a radar covered with green splotches. If it wasn’t raining, the sky was overcast and the ground was waterlogged.

Days of this. The week dragged by.

Despite my brave words [Adverse Conditions, A Reference], I was an unmotivated lump. As a result, not much happened. As a result, not much to report. I have many thoughts. Most of them, like the footing, are damp and squishy. I’ll keep them to myself.

Let’s see if a few days of sunshine and movement over the weekend puts me back on track. (I’m writing this on Thursday for you to read today. It’s the blogger version of time travel. [The Meaning Behind Mondays])


Thank you for reading.
Katherine Walcott

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