Soggy Week Ahead

Blogging About Blogging Let’s Get Meta     Posts may be disjointed this week. Show planned last weekend. Due to incredible amounts of rain, show moved. New facility is large and awkward to work at. Rodney would be overwhelmed. The goal is to give him confidence in a show environment, not to blow a fuse.Continue reading “Soggy Week Ahead”

Woe Is I, Noshow Report, Full Circle Horse Park, Dressage, November 2019

Training Journal     … horses. I love horses. I love horses. I love …. Prince Pumpkin Cupcake Snowflake sends his regrets. He will be unable to attend the dressage show. Not to worry. It was the slightest of injuries sustained while frolicking in the mud. Rodney is excellent at threading the fine line ofContinue reading “Woe Is I, Noshow Report, Full Circle Horse Park, Dressage, November 2019”

Adverse Conditions, A Reference

Training Journal   I’m writing this now so that when it is too cold, too wet, too hot, too whatever, I have no excuse for sitting about feeling glum and pointless. Rain Obviously, if the sky is electric, I stay inside. Once the front has passed through and taken the thunderstorms with it, we settleContinue reading “Adverse Conditions, A Reference”

Cold Weather Riding Is Like Dating

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts     As I get older, I am less amused by riding in extreme conditions, such as pouring rain, freezing cold, or after two hours of sleep. I CAN. I just don’t WANT to. I don’t think aging brings limits as much as it brings an increasing list of thingsContinue reading “Cold Weather Riding Is Like Dating”

We Interrupt This Training Regimen For A Weather Report

Rain. More rain. Build-an-ark levels of rain. There was a time when I was a hardy eventer who laughed at the rain and rode through the mud. That time may come again. Now is not that time. No riding. No hand walks. No body work on wet horses. Fortunately, both horses have rainy day activitiesContinue reading “We Interrupt This Training Regimen For A Weather Report”