We Interrupt This Training Regimen For A Weather Report

Lady waits for me to be done with pictures and got on with her walk. Mud doesn’t slow her down in the slightest.

Rain. More rain. Build-an-ark levels of rain. There was a time when I was a hardy eventer who laughed at the rain and rode through the mud. That time may come again. Now is not that time.

No riding. No hand walks. No body work on wet horses. Fortunately, both horses have rainy day activities on their schedule.

Rodney has been practicing loading on the trailer. At the moment, progress is a two-person task. Either we need one person at the head and one person at the hip to help him arrange his over-sized carcass in a slant load or Rodney needs his village with him for reassurance. Or both.

My goal for Milton this winter is to understand him. Be jumpy at a show. Fine. Be bitey at dinner. Fine. Be chill, when? He never seems to hang out and be a horse, at least not when people are around. So, I sit with him, or stand next to him with a hand on his side. No activities. No grooming. No treats. We’ll see.
Border color is Benjamin Moore Delray Gray.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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