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Hold Your Horses
Bonnie Timmons
Workman 2003

If the cartoons look familiar, Timmons drew the comics for the TV show Caroline in the City. Favorite page is where she compares horse breeds to cars, for example: Thoroughbred/Ferrari – Fast, sleek, a nice ride when not in the shop. And so on.

Artistic fail in my part. I envisioned a letter in a freehand style that echoed the cartoons. Alas, the images in my head are shackled to what my hand can draw. So, instead, another computer-aided design using a color from the cover. The art gap feels wide today.

Inkscape. Grid & boxes. The edges of the boxes ended up being more fiddly than expected. First, I had to specify that I did in fact want borders, otherwise there were tiny gaps. Then they exported with a slight color gradient around each box, which had to be bucket filled. No idea why. I’m sure I asked for it somehow. The trouble with a program that gives you the ability to do anything you want is that you have to have some idea what you want.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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