In Closing, Color Contrast

Lettering & Graphic Design     A logo exercise on Sunday is my graphic design equivalent of the monthly state of the blog on Saturday. Process Notes.The 16 letters stacked up reminded me of the HTMl 16 colors contrast chart, only not the HTML colors again. Tweaked the secondary colors to my idea of theContinue reading “In Closing, Color Contrast”

Word For The Week

Lettering     This is not the boredom of a Sunday afternoon, “when you know that you’ve had all the baths you can usefully have that day.” This is toxic, spiky boredom. The horror ennui from numbers that keep rising. The enervating tedium of endlessly cycling through news channels, of being unable to stop oneselfContinue reading “Word For The Week”

Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II

Script for page one of a graphic novel. Page Layout Three standard rectangular frames. One large, half to 2/3 of page. Two small frames underneath. The margins around the frames are illustrated with a design that represent the lunar surface. As the location of the action changes from page to page, the design in theContinue reading “Moonrats, Fiction Fragment II”

We Are All In This Together

Lettering & Graphic Design   Update. The Disappearing Post. Short Version. Scheduled two by mistake. Removed one. Saved for later. Long version. Been a while since I’ve had a scheduling error. I guess I was due. Was having trouble with this design, see first attempt, below. Since it was getting late in the week, IContinue reading “We Are All In This Together”

Blog V. Life, HSL Color Reference

Celebrating Art     Using the subject from yesterday’s post [Blogging My Life Versus Living It], I experimented with HSL, a third option in color choice for Inkscape. Last time, I messed around with RGB and CMYB, [State Of The Blog Logo & Color Reference]. Most of the following is for my own reference. IfContinue reading “Blog V. Life, HSL Color Reference”

Surrounded By Stories, GWSE Logo

Lettering & Graphic Design     For your amusement. Storytime. Christopher Skaife is reading from his book *The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London* while sitting at various locations around the Tower. Love the book. Look forward to hearing it read in situ. I saw/heard this on Instragram: ravenology1. IContinue reading “Surrounded By Stories, GWSE Logo”