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Update. The Disappearing Post. Short Version. Scheduled two by mistake. Removed one. Saved for later. Long version. Been a while since I’ve had a scheduling error. I guess I was due. Was having trouble with this design, see first attempt, below. Since it was getting late in the week, I scheduled a reserve post to go in this space. Then I came up with this approach. Scheduled this post. Forgot about the other one. Didn’t realize until I saw the email message. I “Follow by Email” so I can see what goes out. Good thing in this case. Took the post down. Put it back in the reserve pile. Will use. At that point, those signed up by email will get notified again. Or maybe not. We’ll all find out together. Sorry for any confusion.

My version of an assignment by calligrapher Carol DuBosch, “I challenged my students to create a square page with the mantra: We are all in this together.” Student work Instagram post.

See also this booklet for an amazing example of creativity with available materials.

DuBosch is the author (painter? creator?) of the previously mentioned The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles [Throw Ink At It].

Process Notes. Computer fonts rather than originally drawn letters. Noticed the “square page” requirement as I scheduled the post. Ooops. My contribution was choice of fonts, colors, & spacing. Wanted to use three complimentary colors. The combination of blue, red, & yellow have their own meaning on this blog [An Attempt To Freeze Time]. So, I went with purple, orange, & green. My first attempt was an exercise in horizontal kerning. I pushed in the letters of the first and last words. The intent was closeness. The result was claustrophobic.



Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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