Throw Ink At It, The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles

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“I realized from the beginning that I would continue to throw ink at the Coronoavirus and try to ‘wrestle this pandemic to the ground’ with my pens.” The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles, page 1

Oregon Food Bank: Feed the need, plus a feast for your eyes. Cover image from website.

Carol DuBosch Calligraphy

“I have been creating art every day in response to the Coronavirus. My passionate efforts have resulted in a 39-page eBook, The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles. I donated the eBook to the Oregon Food Bank to generate donations during this crisis. This 39-page eBook captures the essence of how we have all been feeling. It is humorous, informational, dramatic and all of it done with words, lettering, shapes and color. The art is original, fresh and documents this historic event in a unique way. Learn more about the eBook and the Oregon Food Bank here: Please spread kindness. Share this link with a friend. #calligraphiccoronaviruschronicles” caroldubosch

Been following the Instagram posts. Ebook? Want! Donation? I can do that. Wait, I don’t live anywhere near Oregon. How about I match it with a donation to my local food bank? Shouldn’t need a gimme to act. OTOH, gotta start somewhere.

Effect One: Inspiration
Throw yarn at it. Throw words at it. Throw homemade muffins at it. Be yourself, wildly and with a vengeance. You do you.

Effect Two: Overwhelm
Remember “This is a pandemic, not a productivity contest.” (Source forgotten) You create? Great! Unable to focus and bingewatching reruns? Great! Sit that sofa! Mash those buttons! Be yourself, however you need to be. You do you.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Throw Ink At It, The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles

  1. I still haven’t put together that microwave cart, I’m almost afraid to try. I’m still getting used to the ‘behavioral changes’ that need to become part of my daily routine just from living someplace this small.

  2. I keep in touch with my friends via phone and email. I’m even learning Face Time! Some friendships have deepened now that we have more time to talk and share. I also find that I am reaching out to a wider circle, just to be sure than each one is “ok”, whatever that means. I just sent out a bunch of Easter ecards, something I might not have done otherwise. More communications with people than usual. Strange times!

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