Introducting Shawlene, Handmade, Wearable Art

Images Celebrating Art   Awareness of the outside world. Tomorrow is World Pigment Day. Announcement. Instagram. The Pigment Timeline Project. ~~~ tldr: look at picture, admire shawl. Handwoven shawl by Jan Priddy from attached label #3 “Carnival” Warp 23″x72″ + fringes Handspun and handpainted merino For more information, Imperfect Patience, or contact, Artist’s StatementContinue reading “Introducting Shawlene, Handmade, Wearable Art”

Vulcan On Parade at the Zoo

Images   Awareness of the outside world. Radio Garden. Listen to radio stations around the world. ~~~ Indigenous Vulcan by Rhandi Weaver Birmingham Zoo   Photos taken during Nashville walk at BZ. [Walk Report]   BZ: Birmingham Zoo to Unveil New Nature Inspired Miniature Vulcans on Parade Statue, 2017 Vulcan Park and Museum: Vulcans OnContinue reading “Vulcan On Parade at the Zoo”

A Dash of Art In My Mailbox

Images   Awareness of the outside world. Two of the Breyerfest contests are based on existing artwork. The rules pages – diorama, costume – link to three approved sources, each with thousands of images. Wanna look at horse art? Here ya go. ~~~ Thank you postcard.   back text Watercolour by Jacque Jones, Newmarket, CambridgeshireContinue reading “A Dash of Art In My Mailbox”

Spirit Of Mississippi, Toomsuba, MS

Random Images The world is vast & weird.   Awareness of the outside world. I Love You, I Don’t Agree With You. I had planned a big post that considered personal relationships at the intersection of attachment versus disagreement. It collapsed under its own weight. Here, have a horse statue. Stay safe. Stay sane. KatherineContinue reading “Spirit Of Mississippi, Toomsuba, MS”

Horsehair Pottery

Celebrating Art   Trip to SSF took longer than planned. Had to wait for construction to stop. Milton does. not. like. construction noise. So, one from the reserve pile. ~~~   Bought from: Knotted Bird Gifts, the museum store During: Moundville Native American Festival Moundville Archaeological Park Moundville, AL USA October 9-12, 2019 Previous MoundvilleContinue reading “Horsehair Pottery”


Celebrating Art Awareness of the outside world. Art is irrelevent when the country is starving (Covid unemployment) and shooting (Wisconsin) and burning (California) and drowning (Louisiana). Art is more important than ever in troubled times. Discuss. ~~~ Mailbox surprise! Postcards of watercolours by UK artist Steve Greaves. The halter is even in Rodney green. ThanksContinue reading “Doppelgängers”