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In Which I Reblog Myself

… what should i do in New York City … this looks like fun … this restaurant looks good … a lot of these recommendations come from New York Cliché … i should see if she’s free for a blogger meet-up … wait, i can’t ask a total stranger to meet … can i? … genius idea. She’s an actress. i’ll ask if there are any performances we can attend … that sounds less stalker-ish … silence … she’s in this New York Cliché, Drunk Restoration Comedy Presents: Meaneth Girls or the Tragedy of Regina George, but it’s not playing while we are there … i tried … that was a fun trip … email from New York Cliché… didn’t see letter-sorry to miss-hope you had a great time-did i have any stories-would i like to guest post? … guest post? guest post? cool … i can talk about this, and this, and this … wait, a story is narration, this is exposition … well, it’s what i got … if she doesn’t use it, i can … she likes it! she likes it! … maybe this will be my breakout post … the one that gets Freshly Pressed, and goes viral, and gets quoted years from now by other bloggers [Blogging Goals] … but without the nasty side effects of fame, The Everywhereist: My Post About Feminism Went Viral. Days Later, My Twitter Account Was Hacked … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … it’s out! New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now? … my first guest post written to purpose! … i’ll post the link here and here and here … how sweet … comments! … that was nice of her to say … and … nothing … no fireworks stats … no global recognition of my brilliance … the world moved on … how dare it … i wonder if this is how if feels to write a book, sell a nice number of copies, and then have it fade into the sunset … i can reblog it … reblogging myself, is that meta or next-level narcissism? … at least i got a blog post out of it.


This is a screenshot. For the rest of the post, please click on the image or visit New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now?

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Katherine Walcott

Foto Friday: Wall Street Sunrise


Random vacation snap or clever foreshadowing?

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Katherine Walcott

Letter Art: Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2017


Happy Rubber Ducky Day! & Foto Friday: Duckies in DC 2013
Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2014
Instagram Foto Friday: The Daily Object, October 2015
Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2016

Caveat: I found the letters as “free printables” on various Pinterest boards. Pins point back to I can’t find the letters on the site, nor understand what it is saying. If I find out that I have contravened the designer’s intent, post will be removed immediately.

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Katherine Walcott

Letter Art: Screenprint


A sign and t-shirt that I “printed” – with much oversight, rather in the manner of a child helping to make cookies. “Nice…” is, historically, a city slogan and, lately, a mural. The Yellowhammer is the Alabama State Bird.

Today is even more off topic than the usual run of Sunday posts. Late last week, I took a screenprinting class at MAKEbhm. I figured I’d use a blog logo as my print and the result as a post. Turns out making your own design is the intermediate class. Oops. No time for plan B.

Did learn a few things that I already knew.

I work better when I know why. Once I understood the relation of the screen to the surface, my paint scraping became more effective. Why do I need to ride with my heels down? Why do my hands need to be up [Dueling Disciplines]?

I am more technical than artistic [Put Down the Hammer, Pick up The Paintbrush]. Years ago, I took a workshop at SCAD. I was miserable. I don’t speak artist. At the MAKE workshop, the instructors were happy to indulge in minute discussions over the behavior of the paint, the thickness of the screen, and so on. Ride Hard. Yup. Fix your body position. Yup. It’s a matter of style. Huh? Flair. What? Je ne sais quoi. Moi? (Did you know David Ogden Stiers was on Broadway before he was in M*A*S*H?)

No matter where you go, there you are. [Spring Fitness]

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Katherine Walcott

Spotted Practicing Eclipse Safety

Glasses and map from Great American Eclipse. Props to Amazon and the USPS for getting the solar binoculars here on time, after faffing about. (Amazon, not the PO. Our local PO does good job.) Sneers to an unnamed astronomical equipment company for taking 8 days to let us know our order was out of stock. It’s not like the increase in demand was a surprise, people. Yes, I should have ordered earlier (again, not a surprise event), that’s on me. Order management is on them. (Pulls self out of rant spiral.)

Astronomy Cast suggests sitting back and grooving on the cosmic experience, if this is your first totality. Don’t worry about photos, or data, or whatever. You can go all science nerd at the next one. Ep. 448: Prepping for the Eclipse

NASA’s eclipse site
American Astronomical Society eclipse site
Really, it’s hard to avoid hearing/reading about it

Be Safe
By now, you’ve heard about eye safety. But why, other than we like our eyes?

However, it’s extremely dangerous to look at the sun, even if most of its light is obscured by the moon. Just as a magnifying glass can focus enough sunlight onto a leaf to start a fire, the lens in your eye can also focus that sliver of light onto your retina to burn it. And because retinas have no pain receptors, you can permanently damage your vision without even feeling it happen. Let us make this perfectly clear: Don’t look at the sun during a solar eclipse! LiveScience >, STEM Camp: Build Your Own Solar Eclipse Viewer (Emphasis mine.)

Did you know that counterfeit eclipse glasses are a thing? How can someone do that and sleep at night? Anyway,

• The glasses should have certification information, with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard.
• The actual manufacturer’s name and address should be printed somewhere on the glasses.
• Don’t use glasses that are wrinkled, scratched, or more than three years old.
• Don’t use regular sunglasses, no matter how dark they are.

NASA recommends buying glasses from from one of five manufacturers:
• American Paper Optics
• Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold film only)
• Rainbow Symphony
• Thousand Oaks Optical
• TSE 17 Please Do Not Buy Counterfeit Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Katherine Walcott

Letter Art: A to Z in 2017

I played the Alphabet Game [Origin] with myself on Instagram [@alphabet2017].

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Katherine Walcott

Surviving the Drive

Driving Thursday

Each lesson at Whip Hand Farm is framed by a seven-hour, round-trip drive. Because of the home horses, we go up and back in a day. Here’s how we’ve tuned our routine.

Take the Comfortable Car
The Fiat is a great car [Today, photo]. It is also a cheap car. One way to keep the cost down is power it with small squirrels. The one in charge of the AC simply cannot keep the car cool in the summer, particularly for the passenger, who gets the rising sun on the way up and the setting sun on the way down.

Manage the Stops
You lose time from when you lift your foot off the accelerator until you are back on the highway at speed. Therefore, it’s hard to stop in less than 15 minutes. Stop twice and, you’ve blown half an hour. Coffee and morning soda will not allow us to head up without a break. Often we are able to get back down without stopping. TMI.

Bring Food
We have a cooler of drinks and a basket of food. Turning the truck into a rolling picnic is a) cheaper and b) means the highway reststop at the border rather than pulling off for a gas/convenience store. Time saved.

Provide Entertainment
Audible on my phone. Podcasts on Greg’s phone. Both sync with the truck’s audio system. After almost 30 years of marriage and almost 40 of knowing him (?!?), I still enjoy Greg’s company. However, a bit of narrative provides diversion for those long, flat, straight highway miles.

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Katherine Walcott