Looking Up At The Landfill


Awareness of the outside world. Looking down. The Deep Sea. Be sure to keep scrolling. Graphic and environmental education awesomeness from Neal.fun, “Bringing back the weird web.” Shout out to J.B. for fishing this from the depths of the Internet.

Thinking about The Urban Birder while watching birds at the dump. Keep looking up!

Found at the dump
Black vultures
Mid-size black birds

The Urban Birder
by David Lindo
(New Holland 2012)

The Urban Birder
The Urban Birder World

Link of interest
The Guardian: Twitching with the urban birder, Lamont, 2012.
Audubon, Atlantic Flyway, NY: 5 Tips for Urban Birding, Rivel, 2016

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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