Manly Sparkles, New Equipment

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Awareness of the outside world. As a kid in the ’70s during first wave feminism, I always thought it was unfair that I could choose to wear pants but a boy could not choose to wear a dress.

Horze Moulin Crystal Handle Dressage Whip from Riding Warehouse.

The gentleman who ordered this whip did not read the description carefully enough. He was looking for a long whip that would reach Milton’s tush without the rider letting go of the reins. Check. He also wanted a gentle popper that emphasized noise over force. Check. He did not look to the other end sufficiently.

I have nothing against men bearing crystals. Billy Porter could totally pull this off. My husband is so not a sparkle person. Even less than I am.

Am I wrong to be this amused?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

5 thoughts on “Manly Sparkles, New Equipment

  1. I’m very surprised to see anything that glittery associated with dressage. But, I may be wrong about dressage and appointments.

    1. Everything in moderation. A little bling. Carefully placed. Too much, how can you correctly see the horse and rider? Unless disguise is the point…?

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