Milton Gets The Fancy Leggings


Awareness of the outside world. It’s not changing history to tell the complete story. OPB: New, mysterious Portland monument honors York, an early explorer of Oregon, by Foden-Vencil, Feb. 22, 2021.

Milton now wears the new shipping boots. [These Boots Were Made For Shipping]

Milton loads well. Milton ships well. He is a star about all of it. They both are.

In an ideal world, Milton would like to leave the trailer head first. When he was shipping alone, this was possible. There was enough room for him to turn around and walk off.

With two horses, this is not possible.

As the lighter horse, he gets the rearward slot. Less room to turn around.

Because of the way the slantload is constructed, the storage area has to be set up in order to use the butt bar on the second slot. Narrower exit.

As a result of all this, Milton has to walk off backwards around a turn. He clearly would rather not. He takes smaller and smaller steps as he gets closer and closer to the edge.

Perhaps the big nylon-armored boots would make him feel more protected.

He’s backing up a trifle more smoothly and he has not been pooping in the trailer as much. Pooping can be a sign of nerves. Or a full colon. It’s hard to tell.

I think it helps. I think he feels a little safer about plunging his legs into the void. A little.

Or maybe it was coincidental. Maybe he was getting better right as he started wearing more padding.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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