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Awareness of the outside world. Happy Spring! Solstices & Equinoxes.
A collection of plots for & thoughts about romance novels
Why do romance novels rely so heavily on unlikely situations in order to generate drama? I don’t know about your dating life, but my had plenty of emotional turmoil without pretending to be my meetcute neighbor’s faux fiance.
Not hate at first sight. Been done.
Not cats or bookstores either. Something unusual. Garbage collector. Sees the world from a unique vantage point. He, or she, gets to know people by what the throw away.
What forces people together? Travel. Seatmates on a flight that gets delayed. Planes, Trains & Automobiles with a Happily-Ever-After ending.
He is a model horse painter, she is a regular customer. See each other evolve over the years.
College professor and student is cliche and illegal. Turn on head. Former student goes back for interview/meets at conference. Former professor interested, but can’t can’t stop seeing them as student.
Bloggers. Comment and quote each other. Some email contact. Don’t know the other person gender, age, etc. Or assume and are incorrect. What happens at the blogger meet up.

A search simply turns up romance blogs. Surely someone has done a romance about bloggers. It’s low-hanging fruit.
A is a zoo keeper. B comes to the zoo every day to walk. Then stops. A has to figure out how to find B. Should they? Credit card receipts? Membership data. Saw them at zoo gala, so knows they are a member. Membership Dept might know. Would that be caring or creepy? Ask Membership coordinate to follow up, health of favored customer. Less creepy?
Postcrossing Romance. They exchange postcards over the years.
He is a audio book tech. She is a voice actor. They bond over several books.
I keep circling back to job. What does that say about me. Particularly has I have no idea how a modern office functions.

What do I have an idea of how it functions? Not much. Barn drama. No. Thank. You.
Neighbors. On different shifts. Roommates. Hot sheeting. Leave notes for each other. Been done in both book & movie.
In addition to no idea about jobs, I have no idea how people date these days.
Pick a career and figure out what puts a person in contact with that career.

On the Job series of romances.

What are unlikely jobs, in addition to garbage? Janitor. Doorman. Watches her go in & out all day. Knows lots about everyone in building. Factory worker. Same line. Can always tell when X sends product down. Well done, attention to detail.

These are all unexpected by dint of being low on the food chain. Are “glamour” jobs in romance novels equal to high status jobs? Is this an obvious question?

Rocket scientist. Rocket builder. Commercial artist. Freelancer who is home a lot. House painter. Camera person. Photographer. Goes places. Truck driver. Flirts with other truck driver at a series of rest stops. What do I know about trucker life?

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  1. I particularly like the former student. Many relationships are built on mentor/Pygmalion needs. What happens when mentee becomes equal? I’ve been on both sides and usually the attachment fades as the balance changes. However, sometimes it flourishes. When that happens, it’s wonderful.

    Good plot for your next fiction post?

    Hint, hunt.

  2. Landscaper who tends to mow down the veggies by mistake, doesn’t know her tractor is eating the fence? Organic grower more upset that non-organic tractor oil is in plot?

  3. For me ideas are the easy part. Sigh.

    I love the cousin story. The next time I am on a plane, I’ll wonder if any drama is unfolding around me. Aside from the drama of being that close to people again. Shudder.

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