Repeating The River, Year of the Ox Challenge, Walks 7 and 8, Cahaba River Walk Park

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Awareness of the outside world. The good. We had severe weather on Wednesday (that’s not the good part). I was impressed with the writing in one of the the warning posts.

“Here are some important points about preparedness…

(5 paragraphs of useful advice)

“We don’t share this to scare anyone… we simply have a responsibility to let you know the danger.

“For those with a weather phobia, or high anxiety, understand even on a big severe weather day odds of any one home being hit by a tornado are still very low. Just be sure you can hear warnings, have a good plan, and we will get through the day together.”

AlabamaWx: Dangerous Severe Weather Setup This Afternoon And Tonight, James Spann, March 17, 2021.

I’ve previously mentioned Mr. Spann and our collective admiration for him [Y’All Report].

The bad. Vox: Anti-Asian violence is on the rise. Here are some ways you can help Asian Americans, by Nguyen, Mar 18, 2021. People: Violence Against Asian Americans Continues: How You Can Help the AAPI Community, by Wurzburger March 17, 2021.

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #7 [Intro]
Cahaba River Walk Park
February 17, 2021
Distance – 5.05 km (3.14 miles)
Time – 1:20:26
Current Mileage – 27.6 km (17.16 miles)
To Go – 4.92 km (3.05 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)
Challenge in miles. Tracker set to kilometers for weekly 5Ks & virtual UK walk. [Digital Fun, LEJOG]

Year of The Ox Virtual Challenge, Walk #8 [Intro]
Cahaba River Walk Park
February 26, 2021
Distance – walked 5.75 km, logged 4.92 km here (3.06 miles). Logged .8 of .83 km to [LEJOG 2/26]
Time – 2:12:01
Current Mileage – 32.52 km (20.21 miles)
To Go – 0 km (0 miles)
Total Distance – 32.53 km (20.21 miles)

When I have time, I like to put my GPS on the Avoid Highways option to take in the scenery. As a result, I found this park on my way to Liberty Park. As I drove past, I thought, ‘Oh, there it is.’ I had made plans to walk this park later with a friend. (Friends! I has them!)

Then I had problems finding a Liberty walk. I got so chafed by the planned community vibe that I had to get out of there. Came back to here as an easy option and a relief. Went back the next week, as planned. [Ox 6.5]

Doing the first walk here meant I would have to repeat a park, even though the goal is to explore new places. A) It would be different in company. B) At some point, I will run out of parks and have to repeat. C) Both walks at one park certainly made the blog post easier.

Do I arrange my life for the convenience of my blog? Never! Well, hardly ever.

Ox Walks & Weekly 5Ks

Virtual Run Events: New Year Challenge – Year of the Ox 2.021 Mile 20.21 Mile 202.1 Mile Race Description

Week 1
Ox1 5.3 km [Veteran’s Park]
Week 2
Ox2 1.25 km [Yellowleaf Park]
Ox3 1.8 km [Blue Ridge Park]
5K [Polar Night]
Week 3
5k [Drum Run]
Week 4
Ox4 6.04 km [Atladena]
Week 5
5k [Birmingham Zoo]
Week 6
Ox5 6.22 km [Limestone Park]
Ox6 1.94 km [Railroad Park]
Week 7
Ox7 5.05 km Cahaba River Walk Park
Week 8
Ox8 4.92 km Cahaba River Walk Park
Remainder of 5K to [LEJOG 2/26]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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