Slower Than A Somnambulent Sloth, Nashville Zoo Virtual 5K, Walk Report, Birmingham Zoo

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Awareness of the outside world. “All proceeds from the Zoo Run Run help fund Zoo operations.” Zoo Run Run. Also Mars!

No medal. Sob. Supporting a zoo. Yay. Shoutout to Coach Kate for the intel.

I had company! I have friends! I know people! I believe this was my first official IRL social occasion since March of last year.

Zoo Run Run- The Virtual Edition
Official – January 31 to February 6, 2021
Date – Thursday, February 4, 2021
Location – Birmingham Zoo
Time – 2:33:07
Results – 36th of 36.
Trackers – RaceJoy

I paid the small extra fee to be in the timed race. Eligible for prizes. Ha! Got to hear the zoo audio on RaceJoy. Whee! Extra money to zoo. Yay! Okay, a tiny part of me thought there was the outsidest of outside chances that I’d be in a small/solo division and that another award might sneak its way into my house. Mostly the other reasons. [Bridge Bling]

Fun? Certainly. Prizes? Not so much. I was as far away as one can get from the awards table and still be in the race.

Yes, you read that right, 36 of 36. Flat out last. Bottom of the list. Oh well. Strolling along in chat mode affected the clock, but did not affect my place. I still would have been last with my time of 1:09:41 from BZ in 2020. In the uncertified race, I would have been 106 out of 108 with this time. My 2020 time would have finished 96th. [Zoo Stroll]

Chance of a medal? My best time for a 5K walk was 54:26 at an IRL race in 2019. My best virtual time was 54:43. In the Nashville race, the third place Female Masters (40+) finished with 53:41. Close, but I’d have to hustle up a bit. FM winner was 27:51, second place was 45:44. The winner and only Female Grandmaster (60+) was 53:53. Results announced in email sent 2/11/21. [Magic City 2019][Gaelic Gallop]

There. Done throwing stats at you. On to zoo pix.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Nice to see ground that isn’t covered by snow and ice. I’ll put up with the hay fever, just please let spring get here!
    Love the caution wet floor sign. Draws a bit more attention.

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